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Share And Care...Lesson Learnt From Children!

Their Innocent Smile.....
Threw away my worries a mile.
Their Selfless Love.....
That is the most I wish to have.
Their Serious Talks.....
Which revolves only around their friends.
Their Childhood Games....
Free of all the Tensions and Blames.
The Best is to.....find the Happiness in the Smallest Things they do.

While we teach our children all about life.....Our children teach us what life is all about!!!

One such experience I would like to share with you is where our kids came together to do one PROJECT......NOT A SCHOOL PROJECT... But, a live and life value project which taught them many values and gave them tremendous happiness.....This was a learning experience for us too!!!

The project was GIANT EFFORTS BY TINY HANDS, wherein kids came together and made some craft items. It included painting diyas, making lanterns, book marks, decorating envelops, lamp shades, greeting cards, decorating hair bands etc to name a few. All were priced in the range of Rs 20/- to Rs 40/-. The idea was to let the children be creative and no parent should help them. So our contribution was to buy the material required and hand it over to them. It took them almost 3-4 days to make their own stuff, as they were busy in their school as well. A stall was put up in our society during Navratri celebrations to sell the things that  they had made. Our generous society members equally came forward to encourage these tiny hands.......and help them to collect a handsome amount. Can u belive it turned out to be a whooping SIX THOUSAND RUPEES!!!!.......

Now the story starts...This amount they could have happily spent on their leisure. However the children shared it with THE VATSALYA TRUST, KANJURMARG......for the education of the underprivileged children.

Their efforts brought to shore one of our old values...which even our parents have taught us .....SHARING IS CARING.........Thank you kids for reminding us all over again!!!

And, I proudly would like to share the achievement of these kids who are young and small......but their intention was very very big and noble.....and wish that they take up such projects more often...again and again!!!

Here is a short vdo of this long story...
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I take this opportunity to wish all the children, a Very Happy Children's Day!!! You are a source of inspiration for us. No wonder we say, "A child is a father of a man"....

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  1. Great efforts by children's...its always been proven tht wat adults cnt do children's always do tht.. Great support by parents.. Keep it..

  2. Great effort by children . These kids deserve a big round of applause . Congrats to the proud parents who supported them for a noble cause
    . All the best to mocktail mummies

  3. Superb! All the Children have done a great job.All you proud parents have taught your children some really good moral values and this is the fantastic result...salute to u all.
    Also the article is very well written.

    1. Thanks Nutan. The only reason to share this is to encourage others also to do the same.

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  4. Lovely effort by the young kids....
    indeed, they have huge hearts!!!!

    1. Yes they truly have huge hearts Prasanna....thank you

  5. Well done 👍🏼 children 👶 proud of the work you have done ✅ and feeling of caring and sharing you have shown

    #good job

  6. A joint effort by the organisers and the children lead to a noble deed. .very well done!

  7. A joint effort by the organisers and the children lead to a noble deed. .very well done!

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks to vanshika for being a part of it and thanks for your encouraging comment.

  9. God Bless You is all what I can say :-)