Eating together...Pangat

While cleaning the wardrobes, this summer, I got my hands on a wedding album. It was that of my in-laws. As I flipped through the black and white photos, one caught my attention. It instantly re-winded my memories of gone by era. The photo was about guests sitting and having the wedding lunch it was a "PANGAT"

The word "Pangat"come from Sanskrit word "pankit" It means row or a group. Pangat is about eating food while sitting in rows with no discrimination on whatsoever basis. In a Pangat food is served by volunteers to people who sit together to eat. People would sit on the floor together as equals to eat same food. It was a common sight at the wedding celebrations, where the guests from the bride and the groom's side would sit and enjoy scrumptious wedding lunch or dinner. 

Tradition of pangat can be traced to all the states of India. History indicates that Guru Nanak was an ardent follower of the pangat system. Some even attribute him for initiating t…

Back To School

Month of June, brings the hope of respite from the blazing heat of summer. It also ushers in a new academic session for many. "Back To School" advertisements, flyers dominate the news paper space. Super marts in the vicinity entice the children and parents, alike, with glossy, catchy, colourful and crisp advertisement flyers! Fetching pictures of stationary supplies, lunch boxes, water bottles, school bags make for a perfect bait! Even those who do not belong to the factions of the society that forms the primary focus group of such advertisements, drool over them...wondering where were these goodies when we were kids????
One such Back to School flyer caught my attention. Image of the cherubic toddler, adorned with many items from the advertised list, was the center of my attraction. The toddler sure was a cutie pie! But I was alarmed at the thought of a kid, who is still in nascent stages of exploring the world around him with his fumbling feet, getting enrolled to the school…

A To Z Reflection Post

26 Alphabets, 30 Days and a new adventure! Knowing nothing... to sailing confidently, our journey has seen us graduating in the blogging world with new and exciting learning. Was it the journey drenched with showers of articles, short stories, poems, sounds and sights in the virtual world, only??? We think, it was far more than was journey that originated from within, to a newer us, with new poise and new facets of self showing up at most unexpected bends en route the journey! 
With six active MocktailMommies and two in the supportive and moral boosting mode for this challenge, we had more than eight different takes on this fascinating voyage! Check out the AToZChallenge from different perspectives....

MocktailMommy Vidhi's take....
Mine was going to to be the first article for the challenge. I felt like an opening batsman going out in the field. The tone of our voyage through #AToZChallenge would have heavy bearing on how we manage the first day! This was our first attempt…

Zebra Crossing

" Hurry up guys..hop on...we are kinda late!", I blurted out as I got my car to the podium where two eager souls and a calm heart was waiting for me. We were to go for a movie and were running late.  It was a date with much awaited movie show for three, my mom and my kids. "Some one's mom is gonna fly us to the theater", said my mom. And before everyone was comfortable in their seats, I drove off! Not only the movie, but the trailer of the upcoming releases, ahead of the show, was something I really loved to watch, always! So did not wish to miss them. 
Murphy's* law (if something has to go wrong, it will!) was very much interested in proving itself right that day. And I feel, rather strongly feel that when we are running out of time, it does turn out as the naughty goblin...And it did! We were stuck in the traffic, courtesy the marriage procession and then some un-supportive traffic signals. The movie theater was just few blocks away from wh…


"Boss"...  one of the most important and equally complex relationship in a corporate environment. As we take a first dip in the corporate world, our immediate reporting manager becomes a guide or captain who helps us to sail through the initial phases of our career. Since we must trust and follow our mentor, we tend to agree on most of the issues. That’s when we come across this most frequently used word ‘YES BOSS’!
Though in totality, the word depicts positive affirmation, the intention or thought behind it is very critical. Even though this word is used for boss management, there are divided school of thoughts in its application and intent.
Many of them follow this simple rule of ‘YES BOSS’ either due to fear of conflict or some of them use it for their own advantage. It’s often argued whether success is purely dependent upon sincerity, effort and ability to work??? Raises, perks and promotion often depend directly on how you manage your manager. This often leads to wonder t…

Xciting Thing That Never Happened!!!

"Hurrah!! The Vacation Started.............." came shouting, my daughter ...returning home from last day of her school. What a relief........when those words reached my at least for few more getting up early......preparing tiffin.....taking studies......Ahh! I was so happy as if it was my vacation!!!
Good Thought!! What if it was my vacation, what would I have done???Wishes and dreams fly with the speed of sunlight or may be faster.... While cooking food in the kitchen, I was tele-ported my wonderland!
First thing first.....Fresh and hot cuppa of tea in the open lawns of my bungalow nestled in nature's beauty, surrounded by snow clad mountains, valleys and greenery all around! Was it the nature around or the hot tea that was pleasing my senses...hard to find out!
No bargaining in dreams please......Sky is the Limit!!
Next is to take my own sweet time to get ready.. thats a luxury you know... ask any mom of two bubbly kids!  And here I am ready to ha…

Why???...To Why Not!!!

Why (Y) for women :
Why ??? 'why' always has be a first question for all women ....may it be her personal life or professional life or family life? She always has to face first of all a...  " why " ???  Nearly a hundred years since women won the right to vote, their political and societal power is still only a fifth of what it should be... 
 Now , it's a high time that we need our space , our freedom , our identity, our growth ... History had witnessed many women with exceptional bravery and intelligence who walked shoulder to shoulder with men of their times. Let us remember woman of the freedom era who fought bravely for their country and contributed towards the achievement of independence of the country India. They are still source of inspiration for us , They still fill our hearts with respect and courage. 
In simple words, we have the brilliant opportunity to expand our philosophical, psychological , physical and professional potential by obtaining our God give…