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Give Me A Magic Wand and I will...

Give me a magic wand and I will....

Ask it to make me a Chef...Michelin Star,
Will then dust off that "You are an average cook" scar!

Request it to put my house in order, 

'Coz all that firing of the brickbats happens at this border.

Make it cast a spell on me to look little thin,
Then will sure pull out that LBD from the bin.

Summon it to calm that chirping voice in the mind,
Naughty it, always keeps me in bind.

Dictate it to make the world a safer place to live,
Isn't there a lot of love and not the hatred to give and receive?

Coax it to clean the air of all the pollutants and pollution,
For all the diseases, be mental or physical, it is only the solution.

Cajole it to make everyone in the world happy and glad,
Oh, please find one such wand for me, is that job so difficult and tad???

-----------MocktailMommy Anagha

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ 

Grand Finale Of MocktailFun Contest

Wow...what a week that was...posting the theme idea, disclosing it on social media, waiting for the entries and then reading the posts...Could not have wished for anything more! Lived every bit of the moment! From existence to living and enjoying..that's what the journey was all about! And with that we have reached the Grand Finale...the excitement is  pulsating! Thank you patrons for dropping by and for posting your entries for the contest! You made our celebrations extra special with your participation...

Time now to reward the participants. Here are the winners of the #MocktailFun Blogversary contest

Day 1 - Motivational Monday
Winner - Mayuri
Post - http://sirimiri.in/2017/07/10/control-maytivation/

Day 2 - Tasty Tuesday
Winner - Deepa
Post - http://kreativemommy.com/healthy-snacks-mondaymommymoments/

Day 3 - Wanderlust Wednesday 
Winner - Natasha Sinha
Post - http://natashamusing.com/2017/05/a-tryst-with-the-clouds-and-the-rolling-hills/

Day 4 - Teamwork Thursday
Winner - Natasha Sinha
Post - http://natashamusing.com/2017/04/t-tides-togetherness-atozchallenge/

Day 5 - Fit Friday 
Winner - Amrita Basu
Post - http://healthwealthbridge.com/10-truths-weight-lifting-women/

Day 6 - Speechless Saturday
Winner - Amrita Basu
Post - http://healthwealthbridge.com/thankful-thursdays-kindness-31/

Day 7 - Light Sunday
Winner - Amrita Basu 
Post - healthwealthbridge.com/thankful-for-kolkata/

Congratulations and three cheers to you all! You will be receiving your Gift vouchers and digital certificates soon! Please furnish us with following details
1. Name and Address
2. Mobile No
3. Your mail id.
Kindly mail these details at the earliest to mocktailmommies@gmail.com so that we can send you your gifts at the earliest!

It was a pleasure to connect with you all in all these days. Wish to see you visiting us in future too! Till then keep writing and keep inspiring!!!

---------------Team MocktailMommies

Day 7: Light Sunday MocktailFun Week

Its been 6 days that we are celebrating the MocktailMommies Blogversary with #MocktailFun... Six days full of reading fun and excitement of being connected to you dear patrons! Loved every bit of it...Feeling so light and happy! So why not end the celebrations on the Light note? 

Lets make Sunday a Fun Day by sharing your Light reads...an open canvas for you to paint the happy, satisfied, content picture... and for the readers a light read to rejuvenate and bounce back to life to face another week! Theme can then be none other than....

Light Sunday

We await your entries in the form of the articles, stories, photos, poems and anything that you wish to :)

All you need to do is incorporate the anniversary badge at the top in your post and post a comment on our page having a link of your post..

And as promised, the winners will be declared on Monday, Jul 17, 2017. Watch out for this space! time to share the goodies too!!!

Day 6: Speechless Saturday MocktailFun!

Silence has its own language. Have you tried to decipher it? Have you heard it whisper or shout at you? Silence is golden they say, have you experienced that? Silence is that sleep that nourishes wisdom, is that really true? 

What was it that made you speechless? Was it a photograph or movie or a recipe or a story or a poem or something really unique???  Time is here and now that we wish to hear from your silent,speechless experiences...with our theme for today... 

Speechless Saturday

All you need to do is incorporate the anniversary badge at the top in your post and post a comment on our page having a link of your post..

Isn't it amazing that certain things in life, in and around us make us "Speechless" every now and then... So we await those mystical, magical Speechless moments from you! 

Day 5 - Fit Friday MocktailFun Week!

It was then that she wondered why was I not listening to the SOS messages from my own body...why I had to realize it only when I am sitting on a bench, waiting for my turn to see a doctor, outside the OPD??? 

They say that the only place one can dwell on this Earth is our "body". So is it not our duty to take care of our only residence? But do we??? And fitness means not only the physical fitness but the emotional and mental fitness as well. MocktailFun Week is celebrating the fit mind and fit body today with a theme...

Fit Friday

You can share your FIT articles, stories, poems, flash fictions in the form of pictures, article, poetry, etc. Let the fitness mantra be reveled...this time from your perspective!

All you need to do is incorporate the anniversary badge at the top in your post and post a comment on our page having a link of your post..

Let every one know that "Fit is not a destination, its a way of life!"

Day 4 - Teamwork Thursday MockktailFun Week!!

Day #4, And the third last day of the MocktailFun Week!!

Teamwork, this is the USP of our blog ......those urgent meetings in one of our friend's house... having less discussion about the blog and more more about the indulgence in the snacks that were served by her and not to forget the gossip part of the meeting...the best part of the it!!!

But, practically this TEAMWORK has made our blog possible. Together Each one of us has Achieved More! If you have any such outcomes, stories, experiences or targets which you have achieved it even though you thought it was impossible,do share it with us........in MocktailFun Week's ........Teamwork Thursday!!!

All you need to do is incorporate the anniversary badge at the top in your post and post a comment on our page having a link of your post.

Day 3 - Wanderlust Wednesday MocktialFun Week

Travel far enough, you will meet yourself - Cloud Atlas

So when was it last that you have really traveled far...may be physically may be in your thoughts? Was it the real journey or the journey through the book that transported you to the land of experiences and joy? Was it just a Chillax break or the hectic time bound sight seeing? Share it with us...for we are celebrating the MocktaiFun today as.... 

Wanderlust Wednesday

You can share your wanderlust stories in the form of travelogue, pictures, article, poetry, flash fiction, etc. Just make sure that you take us with you on this journey!

All you need to do is incorporate the anniversary badge at the top in your post and post a comment on our page having a link of your post..

Lets get ready to be indulged in the journey...journey of life and enjoy the ride!

Day 2 - Tasty Tuesday, MocktailFun Week!!

Hello Friends,

Here comes the Day 2 of the MocktailFun Week!!!

Theme: Tasty Tuesday

 After getting over the blues of Monday, Tuesday comes with a tasty flavor...flavor of life that is unique to you. Share your Tasty Tuesday with us...it can be a tasty anecdote from yesteryear or that tasty recipe that enhances the mood...or just a tasty juicy tale that's originated in your mind...

It can be anything that interests your Taste buds i.e. in the form of recipe, travel, music, dance, art & craft etc.  It can be in any form...picture, article, poetry, travelogue, etc to name a few..or just anything under the Sun!!!

All you need to do is incorporate the anniversary badge at the top in your post and post a comment on our page having a link of your post..

So let the Tasty Tuesday fun begin!!!

Day 1 - Motivational Monday, Mocktailfun Week

Hello Friends,

Here comes the Day 1 of the Mocktailfun Week!!!

Theme: Motivational Monday.

Anything that motivates you, may be a book, a poem, a story,  a picture..... It can be anything.......you can share it with us.

All you need to do is incorporate the anniversary badge at the top in your post and post a comment on our page having a link of your post..

So let the fun begin!!!

I Just Turned One!!!

Yippy...I just turned one! A healthy, hearty one! Its such an amazing feeling! Nurtured in the hearts of the eight MocktailMomies, I was raised by the praises and rave reviews received from you dear readers, netizens! Every post added a flavour to my growth adding another scintillating dimension...may it be light read or a story or a recipe or an art craft idea or a travelogue or an interview or a fitness mantra or say a financial advice! 

Every other post went on upping the excitement and contentment quotient...and it very well reflected from the love showered on to me by the readers, those who stopped by to appreciate me, adore me...I simply loved your attention! The variety in my shaping up, helped me garner 30000+ views so far and I am still counting! This is so overwhelming as well...I owe a lot to you dear patrons for your unconditional support to me. Without you dearies, I am reduced to nothing! So a very special heartfelt Thank YOU!!!

But that's just the beginning..beginning to grow further, with you all and share a wonderful experience of the life! Lets then celebrate the entire week from Jul 10 to Jul 16, 2017 as the MOCKTAILFUN Week!!! What better way other than having a fun filled BlogFest, a competition??? 

Here I invite you to join me and my MocktailMommies in this Themed contest... All that you need to do is to post your entries as per the theme (mentioned below). Make sure that you incorporate the AnniversaryBadge at the top in your post. And once it is ready, post a comment on our page for that day. Don't forget to add the link to your post for that day in the comment. I and Team MocktailMommies ensure you a Readathon adorned with PRIZES TO BE WON...7 days and &  7 winners!

MOCKTAILFUN Week Theme Details...

Monday Jul 10, 2017: Motivational Monday

Tuesday Jul 11, 2017: Tasty Tuesday

Wednesday Jul 12, 2017: Wanderlust Wednesday

Thursday Jul 13, 2017: Teamwork Thursday

Friday Jul 14, 2017: Fit Friday

Saturday Jul 15, 2017: Speechless Saturday

Sunday 16, 2017: Light Sunday


Always leave a comment with your name, blog title, link, and a quick description of your post.

Blogs must be on an open platform – no Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest,etc. 

Please enable comments on your blog.

We recommend using the hashtag #MocktailFun in your blog post titles. That will help other participants find you on social media.

MocktailMommies decision to select the winner will be final. 

One winner will be selected from each day of the competition week from the entries received. 

Winners will be declared on Monday 17, 2017.

You may contact us at...

FB: Befriend me...I am "MocktailMommiesBloggers" on FB!
Twitter: @mocktailmommies8
Email: mocktailmommies@gmail.com

So lets GET SET AND #MocktailFun Readathon!!!

Countdown Begins...

This year and the year before...whats the difference except the calendar this year reads 2017 and last year's...2016. There were heavy rains (a typical of Western Ghats City, one would say), puddles, dark clouds and wet clothes! Nothing seems to have changed at all this year as well...But for the eight friends from a small town in a big city, it was a beginning of the new era...an era of self discovery! The coffee pots were brewing different de-coction this time, the aroma of which was filled in their hearts...and then came the D-Day....to push open the windows and doors to explore the new world, new identity! And it all happened in the first week of July'16!

It was their baby, their idea of finding the "Me Time". And if not now then never thought every one of them...so they took a bold new step, step to cross over the comfort zones of their mundane lives and of finding something that would satisfy the real me inside...a chef, a writer, a story teller, an adviser, an artist...and what not! They named this baby of theirs..."MocktailMommies"..'cause they were mommies first and belonged to varied spheres of the life! And the baby was a new age social media baby..."a blog"!

Its the same time of the year when MocktailMommies blog is 2 days closer to be a healthy 1 year old! Like the proud mothers of the baby, we...Anagha, Rupa, Karishma, Ruchi, Vidhi, Prasanna, Sathya and Smitha feel the same proud, content feeling as the bloggers! Its been an immensely satisfying year and our travel around the Sun with the MocktailMommies blog had been nothing less than adventurous, exciting, hilarious, anxious, pulsating...etc etc!!!

We wish to celebrate the MocktailMommies blog anniversary along with you dear readers and patrons in a special way! Please watch out for this space for more exciting things in the basket!!!! You all are most welcome to join us!

------Team MocktailMommies