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It was the first day of the week....and I was struggling with my own darling...Monday blues!!!

The alarm of my mobile rang at 5:30am and I kept on snooze for almost five times. When it snoozed for the sixth time, I pushed myself out of the bed realising that it will be too late now...

Oops!!! Sorry forgot to introduce myself. I am Manisha, a mother, a homemaker of my small nuclear family.

As soon as I entered the kitchen,my mobile rang....I got a call from my maid “Memsaab, meri tabiyat thik nahi hai toh mai aaj kaam pe nahi ayegi." The phone got disconnected.

It irritated me and I started cribbing,"Ghar ka kaam mushkil se hota hai ... aur ye baai kaam pe nahi ayegi".Back of my mind,I knew that she doesn’t take holidays unnecessarily....

While preparing Tiffin for kids(Ohh!!!Arya and Arjun) and my husband (Ramesh)I went to their rooms to wake them up.....

“Ramesh! get up...it’s already 8:30!” “Arya... you will miss your bus if you don’t get up and get ready now.” “Arjun, wake up! Very soon your friends will come to pick you up for the class.”

But, they didn’t move....as they all slept late...Ramesh was busy with his presentation and had slept at 3 in the morning. And for Arya, it was her project submission day and Arjun’s evaluation.

So, I again went to wake them up... leaving my work in the kitchen. Now, on not getting up by themselves... I lost my temper and started shouting at all of them.

“Ramesh , get up now!!Otherwise you will be late for your meeting and then you will blame me for not waking you up on time.”

“Kids.... it’s high time now get up!! And get ready fast.”

So, to avoid a heated argument so early in  the morning,they got ready very soon and very quietly. But, when we sat for our morning breakfast.... I started complaining... “Even I was awake till late night helping kids with their studies. And Ramesh, I made coffee twice for you... don’t you remember??”

They all kept mum...and left for their respective jobs. And I was all alone in my house. After finishing all my and my maid’s daily work,I was sitting idle.... that was the moment I was very upset. And then I received a call from my mother..... (wait.. wait ...to me ..my mom only).

Sounding low, she easily understood that I was upset and she asked me to come home to meet her........

I reached at my mom’s place which was nearby. I rang the door bell and she opened the door allowing me to enter the house.

“Manisha , come sit ... I will make a nice cup of tea for you.” It took her sometime in the kitchen while I was busy in my thought process. I was so busy thinking, that I didn’t even realize when she kept a cup of tea in front of me.

I was so depressed to realize, that it was the first time that she made tea for us.  Because whenever I visited her, I always made the things which she liked to eat.

She gave me a cup of tea and asked me “What happened, why are you so upset bachha??” I broke apart and started crying. She calmed me down. And I told her how things went in the morning.

I told her, " I really felt very bad for my behavior... because it’s the only time that we are together. Now, both kids and Ramesh, will be out of the house the whole day..." Mom heard quietly as I was expressing myself.

“I cannot keep them happy....I am unable to manage my house....My family...”

She first pacified me and asked me as to why was I upset. “Just because you had a fight with them..... or because your maid was not there and you had to do everything ...... or on your inability to handle the situation??"

I took a pause and started thinking the actual reason of being upset......

To be continued...


  1. A story I relate to...well written...as if a page in my life...eagerly awaiting the second part...

  2. I guess this must be the common scenario in every woman's life. I too have gone through such a situation many times. And every time I promise to myself not to react in the same manner next time. But ..... and it continues ....

    1. just let me know what you feel after following the message what we have tried to convey in the second part ....whether you find it any change???

  3. Waiting for the next part. May be I will find a solution.

    1. yes you will find it shivani...and pls let me know whether it worked for you...thank you and will wait for your reply....