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What’s that band on your Wrist!

While you have a quick visit to the grocery store or say go for a morning walk, have you ever noticed people with some fancy watches/bands on their wrist? I am sure you must have wondered what’s this watch/band? What does it really do?

Fitness trackers have been around us from the year 2013 in various forms. iPhone, for example, has an inbuilt health app that counts the number of stairs you have climbed, the number steps you have taken in a day, etc. Apart from that, we have smart watches/activity trackers that can be synced with your phones using multiple apps that support these devices. 

There are various Trackers available in the market, the ones that are leading in the Indian subcontinent are namely:

1) Goqii Fitness Band- This is not just a fitness tracker but a complete package where you not only track your steps and your food, but you also have doctors and trainers who reach out to you biweekly and work with you in achieving these goals. It uses a subscription model, and the band is part of the subscription.

2) Mi Band- Mi Band is from Xiaomi, it has almost similar features of steps recording and heart rate recording as Goqii, but does not have the community building feature as Goqii.

3) Fitbit - Fitbit brings a range of fitness trackers, with a simple steps calculator to a high-end heart rate monitor, etc. The Fitbit is in a more upper price range as compared to the other two. 

So how have these bands shaped our life? 

1) They have been successful in building communities of similar interests, like fitness, healthy living, innovating the fitness drive in a way that it helps to contribute towards a cause. 
2) Live data capturing like how many miles/kilometers did you cover in a day, primarily talking about the amount activity you carried out in a day.
3) Analysing your sleep pattern, by sensing how much you move throughout the night.
4) Researches have found that with the use of activity trackers, individuals have shown a rise in their physical activity and have started building more awareness towards how the body reacts in situations.

The ultimate goal of having these trackers are to reach that point in your fitness journey where you understand how active you need to be in order to feel healhy and fit. 

                                                                                       --Guest Post by Shruti Shankar--

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  1. My so has a fit bit and I know for sure that he has now become so very health conscious!
    Informative read Shruti!

  2. I got a fitbit as a gift this year! Here's hoping it makes me more health conscious. Good read Shruti

  3. Thanks a lot Shalini for the December GP. Rupa thanks for putting my post here. We indeed are getting health conscious by the day :). Hopefully India is back on track as a healthy nation soon :)

  4. I own an MI Band! I researched many fitness bands out there in market and opted for Mi Band. As it is priced very less and offers features same as other fitness bands which are on higher cost! I am very satisfied with Mi Band and for sure they have made many improvements in the way they track fitness of its bearer over a year since my purchase.

  5. I'm a fitbit aficionado. Not only the app is extremely comprehensive, the tracker is stylish to wear.

  6. Nice to know more about fitness trackers. I walk a lot and have used Android apps but forget about them after some days :P Maybe a band will help me remember to track my walking more often. Good write-up Shruti!! :)

  7. These fitness apps are so useful in motivating one to go ahead and fulfill their physical activity goals. I can totally vouch for my iphone in this case!! good one Shruti!!

  8. These trackers are extremely motivating. I have a chaps watch which tracks my steps everyday. Needless to say, all it has done so far for me is making me guilty!

  9. not much into fitness bands use mobile for tracking purpose currently. But I think fit bands have much more.

  10. I use a pedometer on my ipod to track my walk as it really motivates me to see how much I have done; nicely written article Shruti!

  11. I was quite intrigued by these bands once and asked one young lad about it. A quick search on internet shown my own handset can replace such stylish gadgets. Since then I am using S Health checker to keep a count on steps, water intake etc but yes these bands look awesome.

  12. i wonder how effective these gizmos really are. Someone once gifted me a step counter which I found could 'count' steps even when held in the hand and moved! And I also heard of a guy who was participating in a fitness contest and put his fit bit on his dog and toted up the highest number of steps and won!

  13. I am not all tech person - but usually track steps through my iphone's inbuilt health tracker. I have heard nice things about fitbit - guess it's time to try one :)