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10 Wardrobe Essentials for WOMAN

Fashion is an art of personal self expression. I believe that fashion is not about what you wear but how you wear it !!! It's more than putting together outfits and creating different looks . It's  a form of expression of ones identity. It's creating a new outer layer of skin. I love to experiment with clothes but I don't follow the trends blindly. As a teen I used to do it but  as a woman I believe in comfortable dress up, which is minimalistic and casual yet chic and ravishing. I generally go for colors & shades that suit my skin tone the best !!!

We all love shopping but these ever changing trends can be a little overwhelming. We cannot shop everything under the sun, keeping in mind the big hole our pockets  can create.Hence,I decided to invest in clothes which will never ever go out of fashion. Whatever you shop, if it makes you feel confident, strong, beautiful, sexy and powerful, then I have done my job. As a mother of  two wonderful  daughters ...I feel free to invest in classic, stylish, chic, expensive and statement clothes, whose  fashion and value will never go down till my kids grow up.  ...Always be a girl with a mind ,a woman with attitude and a Lady with class !

No wardrobe is complete without some must have staples which prove as a base for most outfits :

You can layer perfect T- shirt under a Sweater or over a Tank top, tuck it into a skirt or let it hang free with a pair of denim cutoffs. One thing is for sure : Nothing  is more essential to your closet than plain white tee / top / blouse.


Every woman needs one pair of black pants that will always make her feel good - the cut is upto you (high waist or low rise, cropped or wide leg). Wear them with a silk blouse and pumps for work or a T -shirt on a casual Saturday.


If you own a pair of denim, make it a dark shade. Not only are they super slimming, they also work for a wider range of events than other shades.


It can add little texture and interest to a plain tees or dresses . They are excellent for balancing out a prominent upper body. Secure them in your best naturals ( beige or camel or skin colours )and in fabrics suitable for the climate you live in . A cardigan works as tone it down piece and fabulous layering garment.


Need an extra something to pull together an office look? BLAZER . A great out wear substitute when it's not quite cold enough for a heavy coat? BLAZER. The can't go wrong jacket to throw on over your cocktail dress? BLAZER .


With endless options for how to wear it, consider the classic white shirt your wardrobe pinch hitter. Since finding the right one can be a bit of a process.


No item is more of a blank slate for accessorizing and styling yet completely chic on its own . It's LBD ! In the business world, a perfectly tailored black dress is a fail - safe gold standard. It is important to invest in the best constructed dress you can afford , even if it means spending more than usual.


We can't deny to wearing it , it's a most comfy thing in the world. You can wear it from casual to formal , that you can rock all you round. Add a t-shirt  over it and make a easy breezy casual look, pair your dress with a blazer...it is works for a formal night out. You can style your maxi with statement neck pieces or any stylist accessories.


Jacket is an everyday essential and the last finishing touch an outfit can get. It's a perfect companion with your sun dresses and tunic tops. No matter the season , denim is the ultimate essential. 


Black top/cami, go great with your cardigans and sweaters. Super essential for any fashionista who loves the casual chic look.  Black is perfect for everything. That can be easily matched with your jeans and skirts. Fashion is a way to describe yourself. Something that doesn't need to be done and yet must need to be done. Fashion means everything and anything.

What does the word fashion mean to you ? Comment below !!!


  1. Perfect !! Thank you for tips !! 😘

    1. Thank you... you also inspired me a lottt...

  2. Vidhi... u r real style diva for many of us... and now that u hv some cool tips... i hope to pull out a gr8 look for any ocassion.!!!

    1. Thanks Anagha...yeah with this 10 items u can pull out any look from day to night from casual to formal

  3. Being in trend and being comfortable in It - that is fashion for me!

  4. I really agree with these wardrobe essentials. I like my wardrobe being colorful but at the same time keeping it elegant like you show in your pictures. Thank you for putting in the time and effort to share this blog with us.