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February... A Month Full Of Dates!

February...I love this month! Short and really a sweet one! February this year however turned out to be a month with "Dates"! The so called "#Date" phenomenon struck me right at the beginning of the month. It all started with a 'whats app' message from my younger sister in law. The sweet message was about a "#Date" in February. This time it was rechristened as the "Rose Day"
The picture of lovely bouquet of roses in the message brightened up my mood. My mind wafted to my engineering days... Rose day was celebrated as a part of the Annual Gathering. Believe me in those days, getting a yellow rose; forget even "the" red one, was talked about in hush hush tone. What a taboo it was!!! Looking back, only thing that comes to my mind now is.... "LOL"!!!! 
To make up for the loss of so many years, the valuables ones, I went on a spree to send the lovely roses to all my near and dear ones. Before you start thinking that what a waste of money... let me clear the air...whats app pe pictures bhejane ko paisa nahi lagata....hahahaha!!!
Out of curiosity, I downloaded few more picture messages on whats app that very day. And lo...and behold...there were host of days...the #Dates!!!! I was thrilled at the thought of making so many remarkable moments...wondered where were they for so long??? So I armed myself with lots of twinkle in my eyes for a mission... a mission to celebrate all the # Dates!!!
First on the list was a "Chocolate Day". Ek sunahara mauka tha...our blog Mocktail Mommies had recently crossed 20000 page views mark! So...celebration to banata tha! Mauka aur chauka!!! Bought some chocolates aur fir kya, baant diye chocolates, jo bhi mila un sabko!!! While giving away the chocolates I carved a great #Date in my memory! Spreading joy, adds joy!
Next one was a "Hug Day". Oh my my...suddenly I felt as if I was in desert land. Couldn't remember the last time I hugged someone, even lovingly... forget passionately.But the desert does has its "Oasis"! My saviour, my daughter... she just had got up from her bed...at so called early hours of 9am, after lots of coaxing and reprimands. She came and gave me a tight hug and let her body loose for me to bear her weight. The desert around me turned into the lush green Moughal gardens! 
Then came a very hot and sizzling "Kiss Day". Hmmm... my partner in crime for past 18 years, my husband, was out of town. So I consoled myself, dear forget the kiss day, rather kick it off your mind. But there are many shades of "Kiss" as well! Before your dirty minds wander, reign in your horses!!! That very evening, my little friend Kanishka gave me a flying kiss! She had learnt this art recently, I learnt from her mother. The innocence filled flying kiss, really had a charming appeal!
Teddy Day was next in the line. Gone are the days when I can turn a teddy bear for my kids. Rather my children don't belong to the "kids" category any more. And if I resort to those early years tricks, they sure were to give me a dirty look..."mom has gone crazy" ones! So how was I going to celebrate the Teddy day??? This very question bothered me that day, more than the power tussle in Tamil Nadu. My chain of thoughts was broken, when I spotted a bear family occupying the corner in my children's room. This family was languishing in that corner for a long while.  I picked them up, kissed them good bye and handed them over to my cook....Of course not for cooking... but for her kids to play with! 
The best was yet to come, the very famous Valentine's day. The man of the house was to return from his tour that very evening. And I was wise enough to inform him, well in advance in the morning, that I was in a celebratory mood... and the reason was, Valentine's day! Enough an indication, for his so much occupied brain and schedule, to buy me some gift, I thought! But the airlines most of the times turn spoil sport...and they lived up to their reputation. I got a call from my husband that his flight was delayed. The dinner date candles that I had already set in my heart, blew off...thanks to this call! But I consoled myself that he was only going to be late. After training and mentoring him on such topics for past 18 years, my efforts sure would not go in vain...I was desperately telling myself!!! By the time my Valentine returned home, the entire house was half way through the moon. I opened the door on a very sleepy note and welcomed him with a great yawn! Half way through the moon, and I had forgotten everything about my wish for a Valentines gift. As I turned, I realized that my man was holding back my hand. I was annoyed. I gave him a look to clearly convey him the message that I was not going to get the food warm and serve him dinner...better do it on your own! But the grip tightened even further. Before the volcano in me could burst out, I was engulfed in a warm hug...was planted with an affectionate kiss on the forehead... and was gifted with a whisper in my ears..."You were and will be my sweet Valentine today and tomorrow..forever!!!"


  1. Ooo..vry mushy..Nyc..
    U too seem to be an incurable romantic like me..
    God bless..

    1. Thank you Neepa for ur praises! Wish to hear ur romantic tales dear!!!

  2. अतिशय सुंदर लिहितेस....
    ओघवती भाषा...वाचताना प्रत्येकाला स्वतःच वाटावं, अनुभवाव असं...(चांगल्या, यशस्वी लेखिकेच लक्षण)
    अग, अजूनही आमच्याकडे "Valentine's...." असं नुसतं उच्चारल तरी नाक मुरडल्या जात. (माझी बायको स.प. ची आहे, पण छोटी मुलगी व्हिन्सेंट मध्ये असूनही)
    पण तुझं लेखन अगदी..."So I armed myself with lots of twinkle in my eyes for a mission... a mission to celebrate all the # Dates!!!"
    पासून ते... "You were and will be my sweet Valentine today and tomorrow..forever!!!" पर्यंत आम्ही पूर्णपणे "एन्जॉय" केलं.
    फारच छान��
    Keep it up...��

    1. Thanks you Nandoo... M blushing with ur encouraging words! Thanks a bunch!

  3. bahut mood mein blog lekha hain :)

    1. Bus mausam hi February ka Asia hai... Kya Kare...divaana bana Divya!!! Thank you Sumit!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Sophie, for spearing time to read the article, in spite of ur busy exam mom's schedule.

  5. Great memories of the college days were reminded back by reading this article....and yr valentine came back late night and you welcomed him with big yawn ....truly intresting fact

  6. Superb and very nicely written.....I can imagine your reaction on Valentine's Day...hahahahaha....