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Theme Reveal Post For A To Z Challenge

A To Z Challenge happened to us just by chance. A good friend from not so same world as that of us poked us about it. The idea sounded something new, something different. 
All the Mocktail Mommies, were equally excited to venture into a new direction! What has started as a passage to "Me Time", had a chance to expand the horizons. And who would not love to go on an exciting journey and specially one that is never undertaken!
So here we were... a gang of 8 friends that formed Mocktail Mommies...brain storming the idea of making it happen! Our motto always had been "Agree to disagree". Deciding the theme also turned out be one such session where we agreed on many things and had disagreement on a few. And finally the theme was born. .....

"Collage Of Life"

Our blog "MocktailMommies" always had dished out articles on diverse topics... we all being as different as chalk and cheese! For A to Z Challenge as well, we decided to stick to our original self...'coz being ourselves had no risk at all!!! We came up with topics that were varied and layered and textured...soon over the period of 26 days it will be reveled in bits and pieces. If we piece them together, it will be a quintessential quilt... a "Collage of Life" by  Team MocktailMommies - Anagha, Karishma, Prasanna, Ruchi, Rupa, Sathya, Smitha and Vidhi.


  1. I enjoy eclectic diversity so this theme sounds like a good one. Have a wonderful time with the 2017 April A to Z Challenge.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Than you for the maximal response! The clock already has started spinning the wonderful time for MocktailMommies with A To Z Challenge!

  2. I love the topic of not restrictin yourselves to 1 topic 😉 well done!

    Andrea on A Journey To Courageous Living. I'm on twitter often, let's connect: @missandi0623.

    1. Thanks you for encouraging response!
      Though we are new to Twitter world, sure wish to catch up with you there!