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Its Never Too Late To...

Riddhi was saddened, shaken but at the same time content that the ordeal was over...a long fought battle... one that lasted for eight years to be precise! Her mother in law, a brave yet stubborn soul had fought with a silent killer with steely nerves, never ever bending to the onslaught of the disease. The last passage was peaceful and her mother in law was freed of all the pain and agony that the disease had offered her mercilessly. Sitting on the sofa, Riddhi felt the emptiness in the heart and in the air. 

As if something captivated her, Riddhi got up suddenly. She thought of winding up the belongings of her mother in law before it was too late. Busy hands would not let the brain get over taxed, she thought. Few visits up and down the silent rooms, she decided to start with the bedroom. 

The initial phase of clean up drive was that way easy to handle. There were medicines to return to the pharmacy, the diapers to be donated and bed sheets to be washed. But then came the daunting task...cupboards! Two big cupboards had a world in them. From neatly folded handkerchief,  stack of napkins, towels to the daily wear, it had every thing a lady would need. Riddhi was amazed by the fact that till the last day of her life, her mother in law had been meticulous and disciplined. That made her muse and laugh at her sorry state of affairs... 

My home is never in order, she thought! But then I blame it to two naughty goblins in the house. And do I not use the phrase quite often that this is a house not a well maintained three star hotel! Finding things become a sort of treasure hunt,isnt it?, she questioned herself. And now dont fool around by saying that there is fun in it. Accept it Riddhi...its quiet frustrating and stressful!   Thus erupted a boxing match between her critique self and her real self! Riddhi was quietly watching the blows from both the sides while getting bruised all the way. Riddhi interfered as a referee and said to herself...Its never too late to put the home in order...I must start from the very day, I return back to our home!

Her hands were busy all this while. This time, she discovered an immaculately arranged stacks of the sarees. Their colours, shine and sheen all informed that they all were new, so fresh! Riddhi, out of curiosity, pulled out one saree. She was shocked to see that it was lying there with the tag, from the shop, intact! She then pulled out many more... every time the story was same. 

Riddhi witnessed an acute pain, this time tormenting her tender soul! All these sarees were left behind without using even once! Mom must have thought of wearing it on some special day, special occasion, pondered Riddhi. And now that she is no more, what does it translates to... She recollected few of the unstitched dress materials stacked in her wardrobe and some newly stitched ones which she had planned to wear on certain occasion. Its never too late, she reasoned to herself. 

With this renewed wisdom, she decided to take a new take on her life! Its never too late to start living and enjoying the present, the very "NOW"!

----------By MocktailMommy Anagha

 ‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ 

All pictures courtesy Pixabay


  1. Wonderful story .Loved reading this .Congratulations on winning WOW!

    1. Thanks Amrita for visiting, appreciating and am glad that you loved the story.

    2. Beautiful....just beautiful.....

    3. Narayani... Glad that you liked the story! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. True : "It's never too late to start living in the present."
    Such a simple yet poignant tale. I especially like this line: "Two big cupboards had a world in them."

    1. Arti at times I feel even our hand bags, purses also have a world in them... each having a different habitat!
      Thanks for visiting, sharing your views and praising !

  3. You have such a beautiful writing style. SO very glad that I found you here today... I noticed you were linked in this week's SITS Sharefest and so made my way over :)

    Also I wore a sari once to a friend's wedding. I remember thinking about how intricate the fabric was, and how gorgeous the process is of layering it to make it look just so. It's sad that the Mother in Law in this story didn't have the chance to wear all those special saris, that she surely saved for some day <3


    1. Thank you Charlotte for visiting, praising my style of writing and sharing your views.
      I love wearing sarees to! Saree is a great piece of craftsmanship.