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Team MocktailMommies... A Friday Reflection!

Just few days back, the lanes and by lanes of the princely suburb where I dwell, was a vibrant place. The reason was "Janmashtami". I had ventured out to run some errands with my daughter in toe. As I wished to reach home before the roads got chock a block with vehicles, onlookers and of course the Govinda gangs! And here was my little one, all lost in absorbing the sights and sounds of the place. As I pulled her, one last time, before giving a stern scornful look, she darted a question at me. Looking at the "Mataki", that was hanged high up at the square, she asked, "To reach a high point, one always needs support, isnt it?"

Needless to say, we then waited for another hour or so to validate the belief of the young mind!

As we stood in the corner, many thoughts flocked my mind. There was a downpour of the grateful feeling... as I recollected the highs of the life, whether professional or personal! Without those helping hands, thinking minds and compassionate words,  I think I would never ever have achieved glories of life! 

One of the things that topped all the thoughts was that of "Team Mocktailmommies". A casual talk in the play area of our society led to a new way of life for eight of us. I remember Ruchi, Karishma, Rupa, Vidhi, Prasanna, Sathya, Smitha and I discussing the way to break away with monotony of life. All we wished to do was, find that missing "Me"... a "me" that was lost somewhere to the nitty gritties of managing the family, a"me" that wished to break free and enjoy being self! 
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Each one of us belonged to a different walk of life. There was not an iota of similarity in our personalities. But one thing was sure, we complemented each other just like the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle! 

We wished to do something that none of us had ever tried. Karishma came up with the idea of blogging. Ruchi suggested the name to our blog. Vidhi gave the identity to our digital presence. Prasanna boosted our presence on twitter and FB. Rupa and Sathya turned out to be best the proof readers and editors! Smitha and Vidhi chipped in as the critiques. My only responsibility was to manage the site and reflect my thoughts. We agreed to disagree and till date this remains our strong connect with each other! 

Its been a little over a year now that we have been taking turns to post the random thoughts. The journey so far has been exhilarating, adventurous and immensely rewarding! There is an exponential rise in the joys of reading, writing, sharing and making new digital mates... Together each one of us has achieved more! 

Simply stated, it is less me and more we now... 'coz we could reach the otherwise unimaginable highs just by sticking together! William Blake's quote, "No bird soars too high if he flies on his own wings. – William Blake" holds ground for Team MocktailMommies! And the show goes on...

---- By MocktailMommy Anagha In Association with Ruchi, Karishma, Rupa, Vidhi, Prasanna, Sathya and Smitha

This article is posted as a part of #FridayReflections, a blog hop conducted by www.everydaygyaan.com 


  1. Fantastic joint venture. I would really love to put faces to the names now.

  2. Oh yes... its on the cards!
    Thanks Corinne for visiting aand showing interest in us!

  3. Kudos to your joint venture! Things become more fun when friends join their hands together. Very nicely written post !

    1. Thanks Savitha for visiting us and encouraging us!
      Nothing like having friends to company when you are following your passion!