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The Best Thing About Our Country!!

The prompt given this time, ideally first made me realize that Independence Day is coming.....why is it so we are patriotic only during those National Festivals around!!!

That Flag hoisting individually by all the societies followed by cultural program and a get together....why is it all so??

How many of you, be true to yourself, see the program of Flag hoisting at Red Fort on T.V....forget of going to Delhi.....and its not about only program ......what do we actually do for our country......other than remembering it on National Festivals is what you called patriotism???


What is the best thing about our country???? is this the prompt ????

TO ME: I LIKE AND LOVE INDIA and the one whom you love, you love everything about it.

If its good Its good because of us.....and if its bad its because of us and we need to correct it.

To make it best-est place to live for us and for our future....so lets take any one tiny initiative to make it best-est ........as we all know its a best place to live in!!

I being a teacher .......will take an initiative Or  you can say my oath for best-est India!!

Anytime,anywhere in my lifespan  I would educate at least one child.........other than my own kids....to be a better citizen of India.

I promise my part ...............how about your's ???.......I don' expect any comments on my blog but please do take your oath on this INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!!!
                                                 -------------By MocktailMommy Karishma

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  1. Thats a wonderful quote.I think education is the the most promising way towards a more hopeful future .Loved this post .Congratulations on the Blogadda WOW win.

    1. Thank you Amrita for visiting and sharing your views.