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5 MUST HAVES IN YOUR PURSE #Guestpost by Manisha Garg

Hello friends!!! Yet another exciting day dawns on this blog hop and to add to all the excitement, today I have the privilege of hosting one of the most popular lifestyle bloggers, Manisha!!! Read on to know her thoughts on the 5 must haves in your purse. 

A girl can never have enough of bags, can we?
We carry a world along with us in our bags.
We have different bag for every occasion and they serve a different purpose.

Some of us prefer a compact bag like a satchel bag while some could prefer to carry a lot of stuff, so they might go in for a hobo bag. For small outings we carry a clutch or a sling bag while for travelling we carry a bag pack depends on the situation.
Whatever bag we may carry we have somethings which are absolute must haves or essentials while some depending on the situation/occasion.

Today I discuss with you 5 absolute must haves which a woman should carry with them.

The first and the foremost is some napkins/handkerchief/wet wipes. We travel we sweat or dust accumulates so we need to wipe it off as you can’t have a dull face. If something spills off on the dress or may be sudden sneeze you may need something to wipe it off. 

Anything wrong with makeup you need something to correct it. Napkins/handkerchief/wet wipes become a must have. If you carrying a handkerchief preferably carry a cotton one as it soaks and is soft on skin. Similarly, if you carrying a napkin use a soft one. Wet wipes are generally soft, and you have plenty of options to explore these days.

Next comes a lipstick or a lip balm. You may just be going to work or for a travel whatever be the case you don’t want dry lips. Or if any sudden unplanned occasion comes up– then lipstick always does the trick.

The third would be some safety pins. You just never know when you need them! Last thing which you want is a wardrobe malfunction!

Fourth would be sanitary pad. I know you might know your date but it’s always safe to carry one. You might need it for yourself or you could help someone. Remember- A friend in need is a friend indeed!

Last but not the least is MMK. Wondering what it is?
Well here it goes – (M)-Money, (M)Mobile and (K) Keys. Always carry cash even if you have cards and Mobile with all the apps. Carry you mobile which is charged. For emergency remember or have the numbers noted on small notepad. Your keys you need to get back home, right?

Whatever the bag it be, these should go in always šŸ˜Š

Pic Credit – https://www.quotemaster.org/Purse

About The Author : Manisha started blogging as her space to share her thoughts and experiences. It has been her endeavour to write across different topics. Starting from writing on relationships she has touched topics on health, beauty, lifestyle, food and her travels. Her highlight for this year has been the 15-interview series during A-Z Challenge of Women across different sectors this April. Last year she was the 2nd runners up for the MyFriendAlexa campaign with Blogchatter. Recently she has won BlogRock 2017 – Lifestyle Blog award. Looking forward too many more milestones which wait for her.

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  1. I never really thought about safety pins, but I guess it can be alofesaver! And mmk sounds great :)

  2. Lipbalm and Mmm I always have. Maybe should add the other ideas to.

  3. Wow lovely tips... I have all these things when I am out.

  4. Hehe...my essential thing in my bag is a book and MMK.

  5. Initially I was all mad for handbags(shoulder bags) but later on my interest moved to sling bags. Safety pins is something I never thought of! Great tip :-)