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Make Christmas Special At Home {Guest Post}

With pleasure, Team MocktailMommy welcomes, Zainab our guest on board  today. She is a unique blend of fun yet mature ways of thinking. Her straight from heart, honest posts are sure to touch a chord with you. Over to you Zainab...


Christmas is a magical time and, makes us all happy. Although it’s fun to go mall hopping to enjoy the decors there are ways to make this festival  exciting at home too.

No clues how to do it with much ado, here is DIY for you...

Go for a tree – First things first. No Christmas ‘feel’ is complete without a tree. Now, you don’t need to buy a big one, even a small one would do. Of course, with the decors.

Baking- Start some baking at home, to make the day extra festive. Chocolate cake, with red icing goes well for the dayJ

Throw a Christmas party -  You have a tree, you have the baked goods. Now you just need some friends. So, throw a party and invite your near and dear ones.

Pot Luck It -  Often the hosts, are not able to completely live it up at their own parties. What if you,  divide the food amongst the guests. Keep the dessert and one special meal for your home though.

Gifts- Now no Christmas is completer without gifts. If you are celebrating just within the family, decide a budget. Each member can buy a gift for the other.

Make a playlist - Some Christmas songs are not to be forgotten. Do your research and add more fun to your evening.

Movie Time- Don’t forget the classics like “Homealone” to be watched, when you enjoy the dessert. And, you can always order a pizza J

In case, you are having a party, ask each one to get gifts (after setting a budget) and then exchange with each other. Budget friendly and fun too J

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Zainab is a 30 something year old wife and a SAHM. She has a love and hate relationship with her treadmill, but it’s getting better everyday. Sit back to read, honest posts about how she struggle daily to send my kids to school (or get them to bed) and how I pretend to be the perfect wife at https://slimexpectations.com/ 

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  1. Hey great list you got here. I love the secret santa gifts exchange. I feel that's the best part of the eve. Well, who doesn't love a gift :-P

  2. I find this piece of writing very informative and accurate. Good job