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Freedom All The Way...

Freedom, is Freedom, is Freedom!!! 

FREEDOM...uttering the word itself invokes myriad thoughts.  If I put them together, it would be a collage of various hues of colours and emotions... from patriotic value to the depths of personal choices.  Freedom means many to many. Is freedom just one standalone emotion/action or a spectrum?? And isn’t it amazing that I am letting my mind wonder with freedom in whichever direction, as the thoughts pull it!!!!  

So what acutally is freedom??? I had a word about it with my friends and the answers were as sweet, salty, spicy, juicy, naughty, serious as them...love you friends for that... To sum up I could come up with a "wish list" of what freedom means to most of us. And here it goes...

Freedom is… 

1) Not setting up an alarm to get up in the morning.

2) Enjoying an entire 16-inch pizza all by myself while catching up my favourite movie at the end of a tiring day!!! Sigh!!!

3) Going on a solo trip to an undisclosed location. God! I want it so badly!!!!

4) Wearing my favourite LBD without getting that look - “You are too old for it!”

5) No cooking Day!!! PS: My favourite…

6) Not being stressed about taking up my child’s homework.

7) Going on a shopping spree with my bestie.

8) Chopping off my tresses and not being told “OHHH! You Look Like a Boy”.

9) Going to a spa and not being worried about the mess to be cleaned up once I am back home.

10) No dye on my hair….I like it grey and I am proud of it!!

Freedom is a two-sided coin.  The other side of freedom reads / says “Responsibility”.  People take undue advantage of the freedom.  This sticks out as a thorn in otherwise most royal rose and it hurts………

So freedom also means...

Being able to take care of our parents and grandparents post marriage.

Being accepted as the way we are and not being judged by our appearance, clothes, inches on our waist, assets or color of our skin.

Freedom of choosing a life partner when ready and not when the society
screams “Get married before its too late” or “Your Biological clock is

Being able to take financial decisions independently.

Getting equal job opportunities and equal pay.

All said and done, a big shout out to all the men in our lives for being an amazing Father, Father In Law, Husband and Son who treat us, Woman, as QUEEN and give us the wings to fly and enjoy FREEDOM to the fullest.

To enjoy freedom to the fullest, we the citizens of free and liberated India have few responsibilities as well. Its like a small step for one individual and great leap of faith for the mankind. Our responsibilities include...

Keeping our house, city and our country clean.

Not accepting or giving bribe.

Educating our younger generation about nonviolence and drug abuse.

Paying our taxes on time.

Planting more trees.

Treating our helpers, maids, drivers and security guard with dignity and respect.

Stopping child marriage and pre natal sex determination which still exists in India behind close doors.

Can we not then make a resolve that my freedom should not stamp on the feet of other. Can we resolve to make everyone’s life free in our own way because everyone’s freedom is precious!!!!
And Life – Freedom = Puppet.  So let’s not be the puppets at the hands of negativity, bigotism, hatred, competition, etc.

चलो बड़े (badhe) ज़िन्दगी की ओर…. with freedom in our hearts and minds.


  1. Freedom... We need that... Good job... Great writing... Keep up the good work....

  2. Freedom... We need that... Good job... Great writing... Keep up the good work....

  3. Thank you Laxmi for your encouraging words!

  4. Freedom enjoyed to the fullest!!!!!!! Amazingly written

  5. Thank you Sammrudhi! Keep encouraging us to write better...

  6. Freedom, very interesting and thought provoking! Liked the spirit !!! Well done

    1. Thank you Anagha for your kind words!

    2. Thank you Anagha for your kind words!

  7. Nice one! Would like to add freedom also means Freedom to go out in public without fearing harassment.

    1. Very true Presha! Freedom to be fearless...

  8. Very well articulated.. 10 points to be free from!👍

  9. Very well articulated.. 10 points to be free from!👍