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Last Minute Gifting Ideas For The Busy Bees...Chutaki Bajake...

Heavy down pour gave way to the hide n seek of sunshine and rain. The nature donned its new avatar for the season. And here we are, with just one day to go for Rakhee!!! OMG!!! I forgot to buy gifts for my beloveds and yes wished to make some interesting rakhees this time around as well....where should I go now, kya karu??? 
I am sure many of us also must be going through the same choppy boat ride given the fact that days pass by faster then we think... But don't worry...Here we are with last minute, DIY gifting ideas that will save your day gracefully. And cherry on the top, every one sure gonna appreciate the novel gifting ideas and home made rakhee. So just relax and browse through the four ideas that we have concocted just for you...

Envelope or gift/card holder :  

Materials required : 
Two card papers of two different colours.
Glue..thats all

Procedure :     

Take any two different colour papers, preferably with one dark and one light shade.
Draw total of 4 circles with the help of any old CD, two circles each on one paper. Cut it and then fold it in half.

Now put one dark coloured circle on the light one. Align the half horizontal and vertical line of a circle . Put glue on half of light colour circle and stick it on first dark one as per the image 
Then take again one dark circle and stick it on the second circle as per the image

At the end take last circle and stick half under the first one and other half of on third one
It's ready. Now you can turn it and fold four circles on each other as per the image 
U can put any message or greeting card or Rakhi in it 
At last decorate it with ribbon 

See I told you..its easy...just keep cool and just do it!!!

Now that you  are little relaxed, here is one more for you..wish to spoil you with choices...

Gift box 

Materials Required :

Thick and printed card paper, A4 size
Old CD
Any used pen

Procedure :

Take your card paper and draw a circle with the help of an old CD on the back of it

Now draw one horizontal and one vertical line from d center point of a circle 

Again put a CD on 1/4 portion of a circle as per the above image and draw another circle. Make one horizontal and vertical line in second circle like a first one

Than put a CD on each portions of circles as per the image and draw curved lines

Now with the help of any used pen or any un-sharpened tool , makes creases on lines for which  I have given 1 to 8 numbers (Check this image) 

Then fold creased lines and make a box from it 

It's ready ! Now decorate your gift box with satin ribbon

Told ya...its gonna be easy...correct??? One more interesting to go...

Money Pocket/Envelope : 

Materials required:

Any square printed paper ( 18 *18 )
Hahaha...and ofcourse your relaxed self!!!!


Take your square printed paper and turn it around.

Now joint opposite corners turn by turn and fold lines as per the image

Then take any one corner of the square and put it on the center point of the square and fold the line.
Now put folded triangle on the other half part of the square as per the image 
Then take one corner of printed paper and put it on the other side of the triangle 

Take the remaining corner of the printed paper and put it on the other side

Now again fold a small triangle to make a pocket as per the image and press the open corner of triangle  to make a diamond shape 

Pocket is ready , now take a plain paper corner till it will go in a pocket and fold the line of envelope as per the image 

Money envelope is ready !!! Glue the open lines of an envelope 

See... Life can be so easy after all!!!

And some Rakhees that you wished to make at home... Here  is a Kundan Rakhee for you.. as simple and attractive as you...

Materials Required:
8 green kundan
5 orange kundan
1 diamond
2 multicoloured beads
1 green string
2 circle cutouts ( made using one rupee coin)

1. On circle paper cutout, stick green kundan.

2. Place orange kundan between two green kundan.

3. At the centre, stick a diamond.

4. Rakhi base is now ready which you can place it on a string or a satin ribbon.

5. To give Rakhi base a grip, you can stick another circle with a string in between.

6. Tie a knot at both the ends of rakhi base.

7. Tie another knot at little distance from base and put a bead at both the sides. And another knot after bead to keep it steady.

8. Cut the extra long string and your quick and easy do-it-yourself Rakhi is ready.

Abra Ca Dabra, Gili Gili Choo...and magic just begun..isn't it??? So what are you waiting for... Go ahead and indulge in creative fun!!!

----By MocktailMommy Vidhi


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