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RAINBOW - Bring Colours To Life...Make It At Home!!!

We live in a highly competitive world; each and every parent wants their child to be smart, responsible, successful and excel in every field. Natural course of action is that we put them through rigorous regime of courses or extra activities whether it interests them or not. A child is not fully developed to understand their likes, dislikes or interests.

Having gone through a similar childhood experience and drawing inferences from others, I could see that many of us are tagged as the “Wasted Talent”. Probably because we always had talent and potential in us but didn’t have a clear vision. Today, this has made us restless. “Mocktail  Mommies” has given us the platform to fill that void in us.

Art nurtures inventiveness as it engages in a process that aids in the development of self-esteem, self-discipline, better cooperation and self-motivation. Assisting children in learning through art ensure that they are equipped with skills and techniques that enable them to express better ideas. Always there is a world of difference between the skills provided at home and at a market place. The skills provided at home are for personal development and really have no way to be evaluated at professional level.

With Art, I too can be a “RAINBOW” in someone's life by showing them the true meaning of it, which is Life, Hope, Creation, Promise, Potential, Harmony and Expansion .

Create Your Own RAINBOW

Items required:  

Mount board 
Chart paper - colors of rainbow - VIBGYOR and White 
Satin ribbons of 7 colors of rainbow 
Crayon colors 

Making Rainbow, Step By Step: 

1) Draw an ARC which looks like a rainbow on mount board and cut it.

2) Draw seven layers of rainbow colors of 1.5 inch thick each on mount board and fill the colors using crayons (optional) .

3) Now take all VIBGYOR colors chart papers and cut it in size of 1.5*8 inch.

4) Then start sticking the tips of each strip making it into a ring form. After that start interlocking two rings making it look like a chain. Do it till you have get appropriate length of required layer of the each color.

5) Draw two clouds using white chart paper and cut it. Now take cotton and stick it on both the clouds . You can draw emotions for clouds too. (optional)

6) Take satin ribbons of all VIBGYOR colors and cut it in length of 12 inch . We need two ribbons of each color.

7)First stick the clouds on the corners of rainbow. Stick half in and half out.  (Back side view of rainbow)

8) Now stick ribbons according to colors on the back side of mount board by leaving same distance between each of them.

9) Then stick the chain of each color on mount board starting with the Red colour first and going inward.


---By MocktailMommy Vidhi