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10 Wardrobe Essentials for WOMAN

Fashion is an art of personal self expression. I believe that fashion is not about what you wear but how you wear it !!! It's more than putting together outfits and creating different looks . It's  a form of expression of ones identity. It's creating a new outer layer of skin. I love to experiment with clothes but I don't follow the trends blindly. As a teen I used to do it but  as a woman I believe in comfortable dress up, which is minimalistic and casual yet chic and ravishing. I generally go for colors & shades that suit my skin tone the best !!!
We all love shopping but these ever changing trends can be a little overwhelming. We cannot shop everything under the sun, keeping in mind the big hole our pockets  can create.Hence,I decided to invest in clothes which will never ever go out of fashion. Whatever you shop, if it makes you feel confident, strong, beautiful, sexy and powerful, then I have done my job. As a mother of  two wonderful  daughters ...I feel free …

February... A Month Full Of Dates!

February...I love this month! Short and really a sweet one! February this year however turned out to be a month with "Dates"! The so called "#Date" phenomenon struck me right at the beginning of the month. It all started with a 'whats app' message from my younger sister in law. The sweet message was about a "#Date" in February. This time it was rechristened as the "Rose Day"
The picture of lovely bouquet of roses in the message brightened up my mood. My mind wafted to my engineering days... Rose day was celebrated as a part of the Annual Gathering. Believe me in those days, getting a yellow rose; forget even "the"red one, was talked about in hush hush tone. What a taboo it was!!! Looking back, only thing that comes to my mind now is.... "LOL"!!!!  To make up for the loss of so many years, the valuables ones, I went on a spree to send the lovely roses to all my near and dear ones. Before you start thinking that what a …

To Beloved's Heart...A Culinary Way!

Valentines Day is right around the corner!!! Being a true romantic, I am always on cloud nine when my husband showers me with all the love and attention. I guess that holds true for both men and women. But you know what’s more romantic??? When the love of your life knows to whip up some exotic dishes to tantalize your taste buds. 
Being a foodie, my partner in crime broadened my horizon with amazing food experiences around the world. Sharing 3 such simple yet classic Italian recipes with you all. Give it a try to impress your partner this Valentines Day!! As someone said, “THE WAY TO A MAN’S (WOMAN’S) HEART IS THROUGH HIS (HER) STOMACH”. 
Cooking Time: 30 mins Serves: 2...Two is "company" after all!!

Fresh Malai Paneer   : 250 gms Extra Virgin Olive Oil : 2 tablespoons
Pesto Sauce: Basil                       : 100 gms Pine nuts                 : handful Parmesan Cheese     : 50 gms Garlic                      : 4 cloves Extra Virgin Olive Oil : 2 tables…

The World of Kaori

Ever stepped into an elevator to be engulfed by that tantalizing fragrance which leaves you floored? Or ever found yourself involuntarily following the mesmerizing trail left behind by that lovely lady in your building??? Well, that's the magic played out by perfumes. It not only attracts you but fills one's senses with various emotions which need no words to be expressed!!
Perfumes are not merely concoctions invented to fight body odour, but they are almost an extension of one's persona. There are various reasons for which people might collect perfumes. Some collect them for their fragrance, while others collect them for the beautiful bottles that they come in. I,personally, love to collect them for the sense of happiness, calm & serenity they bring to my mind with every breath that I take.
So you can gauge the level of my excitement when we received an invite to the launch of a new brand of perfumes....KAORI. These perfumes are aptly named so as it is Japanese for FRAG…