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Seasons Greeting!!!




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Christmas Craft

Little Ethan, this Saturday evening, banged on to our door... It was his signature style! The moment I opened the door to welcome our bubbly neighbour, I was surprised. Our otherwise chirpy fellow was not at his best. He looked grumpy! Before I could think of something to ask, he bursted out... Aunty your door is unhappy today.  It doesn't has Christmas wreath on it no...Your house is also sad, sad.. No Christmas decorations...and where is your Christmas tree. I m katty with u and uncle! Oh my was the reason... And this very reason got me started on my job for last minute Christmas decorations and craft! Sharing the same with u... So that no Ethan will b upset... And that includes one inside u too :
TYPE1 Materials : Light and dark green card papersBBQ stickGlue and scissorStickersDecoration material (as per your liking)Half circle of thermocol ball (for base support)
Method : Cut circles from dark and light green card papers of different size that you …


It was the first day of the week....and I was struggling with my own darling...Monday blues!!!
The alarm of my mobile rang at 5:30am and I kept on snooze for almost five times. When it snoozed for the sixth time, I pushed myself out of the bed realising that it will be too late now...

Oops!!! Sorry forgot to introduce myself. I am Manisha, a mother, a homemaker of my small nuclear family.
As soon as I entered the kitchen,my mobile rang....I got a call from my maid “Memsaab, meri tabiyat thik nahi hai toh mai aaj kaam pe nahi ayegi." The phone got disconnected.
It irritated me and I started cribbing,"Ghar ka kaam mushkil se hota hai ... aur ye baai kaam pe nahi ayegi".Back of my mind,I knew that she doesn’t take holidays unnecessarily....
While preparing Tiffin for kids(Ohh!!!Arya and Arjun)and my husband (Ramesh)I went to their rooms to wake them up.....
“Ramesh! get’s already 8:30!” “Arya... you will miss your bus if you don’t get up and get ready now.” “Arjun, wak…

Indulge..... Pamper...... Spoil

With Christmas and New Year around the corner, I was in a mood of baking my favorite Plum Cake. That’s when my taste buds started tickling. It reminded me of the best Blueberry Cheese Cake that I had on my birthday… that was ordered from one the best cake shops in Mumbai…Indulge!!! My craving for indulging into some luscious melt in the mouth pastry, landed me and my friends at the doorsteps of the Indulge Cake Factory. Welcomed by the aroma of freshly baked cakes and the warm smile of the owner and Pastry Chef Fay Almeida, we had entered the heaven!! Grabbing the opportunity, we had a tête-à-tête with Fay , who inspired us to follow our dreams…just as she did!! Had to share the journey of a dynamic woman entrepreneur with you guys!!!
At what age did you start baking and cooking and when did you realize that ‘Oh, I am a good cook!!’
I started cooking after my marriage, at the age of 24. It was only because my husband is a foodie and I love him(almost blushing!!). That’s when I realized …

A Sea Of Experience...A Weekend special!

With demanding schedules of children and husband, off late, finding quality time had become so very difficult.  I was longing for a short break from my 24*7 duty. Somehow it was not working out...but thelast Sunday turned out be excuse-free ...children were all hale and hearty, there were no impending exams or projects to be worked on...and most important, my ever so busy husband had a whole day free and reserved only for us!! What to do with it now? As the migrants in the dream city Mumbai, we were scouting for the places to visit for an entire day. A gud friend from town suggested a cruise...
One day cruise??? I wondered...but then it really turned out to be a perfect sail. Soon we were about to venture on to Mumbai - Alibaug exploration via sea! As nothing was planned, we announced to the children that its going to be a Vikings day out! They were thrilled at the idea of packing their bags for a day. Thus we set out for Gateway Of India in late hours of morning on Sunday from where ou…

Winter Skin Care...Let Home Remedies Have A Fair Share!!!

Thundi hawa, Ye chandani suhani. Aye Mere dil suna koi kahani... went Kishore Da on one of the radio stations as we were travelling from Mumbai to Pune. Suddenly, from the back seat, came a shrike, "What "Suhani thundi hawa"? This dry winter is a real monster... a culprit...its playing all, not so suhani tricks on my skin". That was my niece, who else, a youngistan brigade member! But in the minds of mind, I agreed with her outburst. Chills of demonetization and chills of the season are playing naughty tricks on one and all. Chills of demonetization are good for the country in general and we the common citizens in particular; But the dry, dull, flaky and irritated skin is a genuine NO NO!!! 
Every other shop in the neighborhood is stocked with winter lotions and creams, to the brim. The TV and radio commercials are bombarding us with a lot of options to pamper our skin. But with all these options one gets more confused and indecisive. And look at the price tags..the…