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Art Therapy

Stress...nowadays , the word itself is stressed a lot! Finding the right method to de-stress has become a stressful exercise... We played multiple demanding roles in our life and come across stressful times very often. But being a creative person , my art and my passion comes to the rescue. And you know what, it never fails to rejuvenate me!
Sometimes, the solution to the problem just won't occur to our mind, yet our thoughts are sprinting at a 100 km/hr, and you feel like your brain is going to explode. To find solace, what  one could do is try some ' ART THERAPY'. Art therapy is "a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve your physical, mental and emotional well being ". It's recognized as the most creative and effective form of distressing. Simple solutions usually work best for most complicated problems or situations.
At its most basic, the only preparation you need to carry out for this is to grab a pencil and a sheet of paper. Then, just start drawing. It doesn't even matter what you draw. You don't need to be talented or an artist to receive the benefits. Within a certain amount of time, your thoughts will become more harmonious and you will calm down!!
Sharing with you, some of the mantras of Art Therapy... I will be happy to be part of a solution when you badly need one !!!

To help you get started , here's what to do if you're feeling...

* Tired : Draw flowers
* Angry : Draw lines
* In pain : Build a model
* Bored : Colour in a sheet of paper in various colours ( now a days you can get an adult colouring book from any craft store to get relaxed )
* Sad : Paint a rainbow
* Scared : Knit something
* Worried : Make a doll
* Anxious: Engage in origami
* Indignant : Tear a piece of paper into small pieces and arrange it into a pattern.
* Tense : Draw patterns.
* Nostalgic : Draw a maze.
* Disappointed : Copy a portrait or painting
* In despair : Draw your way out
* Confused : draw an Indian mandala
* That you need to restore your strength : make a landscape painting
* That you can't make sense of your feelings : Paint a self portrait
* That you need to remember this moment : Draw some coloured patterns
* That you need to put your thoughts in order : Draw honeycombs or squares
* That you need to take the time to make the right choice : Draw waves and circles
* That you can't stuck in a rut : Draw spirals.
* That you need to make sense of your most important goal : Draw target symbol.

The list is ever expanding and the solutions are limitless...But here I stop for you  to try them on and have a first hand experience!!!  See in the eyes of the stress and say "Dear stress...Good Bye"!!!

                                                                        ---By MocktailMommy Vidhi

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Theme Reveal Post For A To Z Challenge

A To Z Challenge happened to us just by chance. A good friend from not so same world as that of us poked us about it. The idea sounded something new, something different. 
All the Mocktail Mommies, were equally excited to venture into a new direction! What has started as a passage to "Me Time", had a chance to expand the horizons. And who would not love to go on an exciting journey and specially one that is never undertaken!
So here we were... a gang of 8 friends that formed Mocktail Mommies...brain storming the idea of making it happen! Our motto always had been "Agree to disagree". Deciding the theme also turned out be one such session where we agreed on many things and had disagreement on a few. And finally the theme was born. .....

"Collage Of Life"

Our blog "MocktailMommies" always had dished out articles on diverse topics... we all being as different as chalk and cheese! For A to Z Challenge as well, we decided to stick to our original self...'coz being ourselves had no risk at all!!! We came up with topics that were varied and layered and textured...soon over the period of 26 days it will be reveled in bits and pieces. If we piece them together, it will be a quintessential quilt... a "Collage of Life" by  Team MocktailMommies - Anagha, Karishma, Prasanna, Ruchi, Rupa, Sathya, Smitha and Vidhi.


Parenting refers to the aspects of raising a child aside from the biological relationship. Raising kids is one of the toughest and most fulfilling jobs in the world — and the one for which you might feel the least prepared.   
To practice good parenting, one needs to develop and demonstrate self-reliance, self-control, kindness, cooperation and cheerfulness. Also, there should be strict guidelines followed in terms of action and reaction. Establishing house rules helps kids understand your expectations and develop self-control. As we teach the child to not cross the line, the same should be followed and observed by parents also. One should never hit a child under any circumstances even if the child doesn’t shape up to your expectation. Make your expectations clear. If there is a problem, describe it and express your feelings. Be sure to include consequences. Make suggestions and offer choices. A child’s behaviour is reflection of relationship with his or her parent. One needs to be adaptive with the child’s development as each stage demands different treatment and responses. The early stage demands protective behavior, the progressive age looks for a friend and then a mentor and so on. One needs to encourage independence, so that they develop sense of self direction.

Parenting is incredibly challenging and rewarding. As parents, we exert maximum influence over children till the time they enter school.  Hence it is important that parents give children a good start.  We should recognize that kids come into the world with their own temperaments and it is our job to prepare a child for complete independence.  Too much parenting cripples’ children as they become adults rendering them unable to cope with mere setback.  Nobody can be perfect parents since it is something which gets developed gradually. 

People say being a parent is a huge responsibility.  There are some who consider it a task but for me parenting is something which we have chosen of our own free will. 

Most of the time it is difficult to understand a child’s mind.  Just the other day my cousin’s son had gone to play with his friends and returned home within 15 mins stating that he is not going to play with a boy since he always speaks to him in a loud manner and with no respect. My cousin gave some time for her son to cool down and then explained that we should always be friendly with our friends.  In case we don’t like anything be frank about it and let them know about our displeasure. There should be no ego among friends and should sort out issues there itself. Her son later went down and solved the issue with his friend.  We must teach our child about being open and frank at certain places and voice our opinion to avoid misunderstanding.

Parenting also demands spending regular time with your child and constant endeavoring to ensure the desired goals are met. Taking time out for breakfast or dinner helps to spend quality time(connect) and provides a sense of attention. It also calls for tremendous amount of patience since the behavioural changes would be gradual and may require tactical changes whenever required. The child should be acknowledged and rewarded at frequent intervals to boost their self-esteem and motivation for ‘doing right’. The results cannot be achieved by mere words and the behaviour aspects should reflect in the parents first for the child to look upon and learn. Constant criticism should not be added but negative or positive aspects should be highlighted so that the child takes it in the right spirit and manner. Focus on the areas that need the most attention rather than trying to address everything all at once. Parents needs to be a role model and exhibit certain traits before the same is expected out of a child. Model the traits you wish to see in your kids: respect, friendliness, honesty, kindness, tolerance. 

In the current competitive world, there is constant pressure for a child to excel and hence its very vital to balance out. A child should be given a sense of safety and security for them to adapt and learn. The fear of failure should not act as hindrance and they should be encouraged to set limits for themselves. Letting the child become independent and take responsibility for routine tasks, such as putting away their toys, dressing themselves and helping with household chores helps the child become resilient and build self-esteem. Parents must remember that each child is an individual and that what works for one does not necessarily work for another. There is likely to be an element of trial and error as parents discover which technique works best for each of them.


Happy Woman's Day!!!!

The other day we girlfriends had gathered in the play area. Kids were busy playing and we, as usual chitchatting... The topic of the day was WOMEN'S DAY!!! We were all excited and hence planned to celebrate it...

This reminded me of..."ENTRIES ARE WELCOME......" for any lady with great achievement in her life. "ACHIEVEMENTS"...what does this word mean to you?? Why is it often related to corporate world success or standing??

To me, its a little confusing and I would like you all to help me with it. I would like to share few experiences about some wonderful ladies, whose paths have crossed mine and have seen them quite closely. Here it goes...

My recent acquaintance: One of my best friend, a HIGH TECH TECHIE, A NATIONAL LEVEL BADMINTON PLAYER, A  COOL MOM OF TWO KIDS.....A casual talk once, led to she sharing her experiences......wherein somewhere she had a feeling that she was not strong enough to take a decision to continue with her career post pregnancy . I could clearly see the regret in her eyes, that she didn't stand firm to pursue her career....

But to me..... she is a strong  woman!! Being a professional and at the peak of her career to call it a day???She was courageous  enough to set her PRIORITIES and to stick to it in all the odds of life! Do only corporate achievements count??
Do only career and financial achievements count???
Should she regret it??????or be proud of her decisions ???? 
A well educated happy family, having someone 24*7 besides them to rely upon, in any phase of life; Can't we not term it as an achievement in itself?? 

Another reflection from my memory: Two of my college friends......who being the daughters of the house, decided not to marry and stay with their parents to take care of them. With  their head held high over their shoulders, they have proved their mettle. Is this not a great commendable feat?? Specially, in the light of male dominated society full of stereotypes???

And here is another one: A friend of mine , who independently (Husband being busy with his commitments) takes care of her job, in-laws, kids and her sweet abode. For her the life never ceases to be a thrilling ride!
Last but not the least, and the most influential for me......

That one person I could connect and co-relate to,  the gorgeous lady......... my MOM, a human being with fathomless compassion and care! All the support she gave us in terms of nurturing us physically and mentally, at different stages of our life, is what I am offering  my family. Isn't it a great achievement of passing happiness from one generation to the next!!!

It may not be marked in HISTORY!!!! BUT, its a milestone of my life and will stay FOREVER!!!!

Don't you all agree to this???So, let us make all those special women in our life realise ......what they have achieved and how each one of us are truly gifted!!! Make Women's Day ...........a TRULY HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY!!!!
Neither any motor rally nor a bike rally on Women's Day will give you that utmost happiness which you will get by showing a gesture of appreciation.........ISN'T IT??????