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Day 1 - Motivational Monday, Mocktailfun Week

Hello Friends,

Here comes the Day 1 of the Mocktailfun Week!!!

Theme: Motivational Monday.

Anything that motivates you, may be a book, a poem, a story,  a picture..... It can be anything.......you can share it with us.

All you need to do is incorporate the anniversary badge at the top in your post and post a comment on our page having a link of your post..

So let the fun begin!!!


  1. Done!
    Here is my post http://sirimiri.in/2017/07/10/control-maytivation/

  2. I recently started playing throwball with a group of moms and when I see moms of all ages giving their best in the playground, it motivates me. Here are my thoughts about the same. http://kreativemommy.com/are-you-a-sporty-mom/

  3. Being close to nature is a strong motivating factor me .
    Read all about it here .