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Day 3 - Wanderlust Wednesday MocktialFun Week

Travel far enough, you will meet yourself - Cloud Atlas

So when was it last that you have really traveled far...may be physically may be in your thoughts? Was it the real journey or the journey through the book that transported you to the land of experiences and joy? Was it just a Chillax break or the hectic time bound sight seeing? Share it with us...for we are celebrating the MocktaiFun today as.... 

Wanderlust Wednesday

You can share your wanderlust stories in the form of travelogue, pictures, article, poetry, flash fiction, etc. Just make sure that you take us with you on this journey!

All you need to do is incorporate the anniversary badge at the top in your post and post a comment on our page having a link of your post..

Lets get ready to be indulged in the journey...journey of life and enjoy the ride!


  1. Hi mocktail mommies.Congratulations on the first blog anniversary .It's wonderful that I just stumbled onto the party .
    Here's my travel story just for you .

  2. Here's mine too: http://natashamusing.com/2017/05/a-tryst-with-the-clouds-and-the-rolling-hills/

  3. Hi..here is my entry for Day 3rd- My favourite place Goa http://kreativemommy.com/go-goa-memories-of-a-fun-trip/

  4. Congrats on your 1st anniversary.
    I am so happy to come across you guys in the A to Z challenge. My favorite read list you guys are
    Keep up the amazing work.

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