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Countdown Begins...

This year and the year before...whats the difference except the calendar this year reads 2017 and last year's...2016. There were heavy rains (a typical of Western Ghats City, one would say), puddles, dark clouds and wet clothes! Nothing seems to have changed at all this year as well...But for the eight friends from a small town in a big city, it was a beginning of the new era...an era of self discovery! The coffee pots were brewing different de-coction this time, the aroma of which was filled in their hearts...and then came the D-Day....to push open the windows and doors to explore the new world, new identity! And it all happened in the first week of July'16!

It was their baby, their idea of finding the "Me Time". And if not now then never thought every one of them...so they took a bold new step, step to cross over the comfort zones of their mundane lives and of finding something that would satisfy the real me inside...a chef, a writer, a story teller, an adviser, an artist...and what not! They named this baby of theirs..."MocktailMommies"..'cause they were mommies first and belonged to varied spheres of the life! And the baby was a new age social media baby..."a blog"!

Its the same time of the year when MocktailMommies blog is 2 days closer to be a healthy 1 year old! Like the proud mothers of the baby, we...Anagha, Rupa, Karishma, Ruchi, Vidhi, Prasanna, Sathya and Smitha feel the same proud, content feeling as the bloggers! Its been an immensely satisfying year and our travel around the Sun with the MocktailMommies blog had been nothing less than adventurous, exciting, hilarious, anxious, pulsating...etc etc!!!

We wish to celebrate the MocktailMommies blog anniversary along with you dear readers and patrons in a special way! Please watch out for this space for more exciting things in the basket!!!! You all are most welcome to join us!

------Team MocktailMommies


  1. Congratulations! So are you a part of this team Balaka?

  2. Congrats! This is exciting.


    1. thanks you for dropping by and for lovely wishes...