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Christmas Craft

Little Ethan, this Saturday evening, banged on to our door... It was his signature style! The moment I opened the door to welcome our bubbly neighbour, I was surprised. Our otherwise chirpy fellow was not at his best. He looked grumpy! Before I could think of something to ask, he bursted out... Aunty your door is unhappy today.  It doesn't has Christmas wreath on it no...Your house is also sad, sad.. No Christmas decorations...and where is your Christmas tree. I m katty with u and uncle! Oh my my...here was the reason... And this very reason got me started on my job for last minute Christmas decorations and craft! Sharing the same with u... So that no Ethan will b upset... And that includes one inside u too :


Materials :
  • Light and dark green card papers 
  • BBQ stick
  • Glue and scissor 
  • Stickers
  • Decoration material (as per your liking)
  • Half circle of thermocol ball (for base support)

Method : 
  1. Cut circles from dark and light green card papers of different size that you can put alternate color circles of different size. Start with a smaller circle first from light green paper than cut second one , little bigger from dark color paper .

  2. Now from the Centre point of circle draw a straight line towards the outline of circle.
  3. Cut that straight line with the help of scissor  and put little bit glue on 1/8 portion of circle.
  4. As per image now fold a circle in a cone shape.
  5. Follow the same procedure for all circles and make a small hole at the Centre of each circles.
  6. Now decorate with stickers or whatever materials you have or you like :)
  7. Now take your bbq stick and apply glue on it ,then start inserting the circle one by one ,starting with the biggest circle first. Leave some space at the bottom and between circles. Now place all the circles as per the image and decorate them with ribbon bow.
Materials :
  1. Green color card paper 
  2. Glue & scissor 
  3. BBQ stick
  4. 3D Golden glitter tube
  5. Star
  6. Half circle of thermocol ball (for base support)

Method :
  1. Cut different sizes of circles from green card paper .
  2. Now fold all circles in half circle .
  3. Then fold it like a image till you will get 8 parts of each circle.

  4. After that fold all 8 parts of a circle's  inner potion (shown in 3rd  image with black line) by giving little bit of pressure on it.
  5. Than its ready and looks like an umbrella.
  6. Now ready all the circles with the same procedure and make little hole at the Centre of each circles.
  7. Now take your bbq stick and apply glue on it ,then start inserting the circle one by one ,starting with the biggest circle first. Leave some space at the bottom and between circles. Now place all the circles as per the image and decorate them with glitter and star.


We will make different kinds of snowflakes from hot glue gun  ...which looks good , made easily and very affordable. You can hang it on Christmas tree or make a garland or just stick it on your glass window.  You can colour it or just use it as transparent snowflakes (looks like frozen ice)

Materials required :
  • Different types of snowflakes stencil print (you can find it out from Google images)
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Golden and silver acrylic colours 
  • Golden and silver glitter 
  • Transparent thread 
  • Any thick transparent plastic (any used file cover or thick plastic zip lock bag or any product packing plastic cover you buy) and cold cream

Method : 
  1. First take your snowflakes stencil print and place any thick transparent plastic on it and apply little cream on the top side of the plastic so at the end we can easily pull out our snowflake from the surface.
  2. Now with the help of hot glue gun just draw each snowflakes on the plastic surface (see the image )
  3. Your transparent snowflakes are ready ... You can use it in as a transparent form or in decorative form.
  4. Apply golden or silver acrylic colours on it and sprinkle glitter little bit when colours are wet.
  5. Then behind all snowflakes sticks  transparent thread on it and it's ready to hang.


Materials :
  • Green, red and yellow colour threads 
  • Fevicol and water ( both in equal proportion )
  • Disposable foam dish or any thick hardboard or thick thermocol sheet
  • Box of pins 
  • Glitter 
  • Brush and pencil
  • Transparent thread

Procedure :
  1. First , draw any ornament you want to make on the base. I drew star on a disposable foam dish and other three ornaments on thick hardboard , then you can press the pins on your drawing one by one just leave little gap between  two pins.

  2. Now select any thread colour of your liking and dip it in a mixture of Fevicol and water for half a minute . 
  3. After that remove excess mixture and start weaving the thread from one point to the other completing the outline as per your drawing and then do zig zag weaving .
  4. When you are done , apply two to three coats  of your mixture on thread ornament with the help of bursh. ( Apply second coat after a gap of 10 minutes )
  5. At the end you can sprinkle  glitter on it. ( optional )
Material required :
  • Disposable round paper dish 
  • Dark green and light green card papers
  • Thermocol balls ( white and red )
  • Red thick ribbon 
  • Glue and Scissor

Procedure :
  1. First, take your disposable round paper dish .
  2. Then, cut the inner portion of round paper dish with the help of scissor (as per the image) . Cut carefully that it will not damage the outer circle border .
  3. Now cut vertical stripes (1 inch wide and 12 inches long) from dark and light green card papers and fold all stripes in half.
  4. Then, take your round dish border and pass your half folded stripe from it. Stick the stripe ends and also apply glue on dish border so that it will stick on the border and won't move.
  5. Now take different colour stripe and stick it on paper dish border. Stick the second one without leaving a gap between both stripes. Use alternate colour stripes.
  6. Then one by one sticks all stripes till you complete the circle. 
  7. Now cut a reverse 'V' shape at the end of all stripes.
  8. At the end, decorate it with thermocol balls and red ribbon .
With all these decorations my house sure is gonna don a happy look... just what lil Ethan wanted!!! How about yours???