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...Just Be My Friend!!!

"Oh my friend Ganesha...tu rahena sath hamesha..."

Blared the loud speaker from the nearby Ganapati pandal. The sound was too intimidating but the thought of having Ganesha as a friend was so very reassuring!!! With Ganesha's presence amongst us for ten days, its like an old friend revisiting for a sojourn. Friends really make the life worthwhile.

The song was still going on and my mind wandered around. It took me back to the beginning of August. On friendship day, my whats app did not stop buzzing for almost the entire day. I am sure, same must have been true with you too! The lovely messages from the near and dear friends, tangy and bubbly friends, a distant friend, a cousin friend...hey wait...what on earth is a "cousin friend", you may wonder...Arey bhai just simple....friend of a friend...not your direct friend...hahaha...Now dont give me that look... ok..!!!

Jokes apart, we all are blessed to have the company of our friends. I am jealous of myself for having you all, our readers as friends, who have encouraged us from time to time, given us feedback and made our blog-shog a worthwhile endeavor. Except for friendship, all the kinships are decided  by our birth. 

Aur ye blog wali friendship kya rung layi hai , hum Mocktail Mommies ki life me...Aap rang sharabaton ka, hum mithe ghat ka pani!!!

Dont walk infront of me,
I may not follow.
Dont walk behind me,
I may not lead.
Just walk besides me,
And be my friend!!!

Of all the messages that I had received, I found this one the most apt. There are friends who raced ahead of me in the life path. They are twinkling stars for me. There are friends whom I have left behind, as the journey of life unfolded in different direction. Their memories are still as fresh as the the handful of the jasmine...fresh and fragrant!!! And there are friends who stayed with me, in my thick and thin, from black hair days to dyes now, from clear vision to a spectacled one...Kya kahun unke baare me...Jaan hai wo sub...However I must say, every friend is unique and a limited edition...just like me!!!

Over the years, I could equate, my friendship with my friends, to simple things around me...things that may appear small but indispensable. Here are a few of them....

Friendship is like...
A fine piece of jewellery...that is a treasure to keep!
A vaccine...that helps fight the viruses of the life!
Salt n spice....that brings taste to life.
A smart phone...that come handy all the time.
An umbrella...that protects us from rain n shine!
Cola...that keeps our spirits bubbly all the while!
A sharpener...that takes away complacency from mind.
A comb...that helps entangle the mess from life.
A mirror...that never lies!!!

Wherever we are, it is our friends that make our world. And thus.....JUST BE MY FRIEND!!!

-----By MocktailMommy Anagha

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  1. Great work ladies
    Well done 👏🏻👍🏼👌🏽🙌🏻

  2. Friend in need is friend indeed . You are true friend like Rancho. Your article reminded me so many Idiots friends. Thanks for such wonderful thought .

  3. Give excellent examples of friendship...good thoghts..mocktail mommies

  4. Give excellent examples of friendship...good thoghts..mocktail mommies

  5. Nice one indeed, reminded me of a million friends of mine. Keep the good articles coming

  6. Fab article gang....while reading the article one by one all the names of my friends were coming in my mind......few left behind , few went ahead , few r still with me.....but still they are in touch....friends are friends no one can take that place in life.....even after long time if you get one message of friend ( it might be just hi....)on your whatsapp,fb etc....brings smile on ur face.....

  7. Friends are needed to keep us sane. Thanks for linking up with #QuotedStories.

    1. Cant agree any more Upasana!
      Thank you for providing a platform to rekindle our old love and present it once again to the readers!
      - Anagha

  8. haha cousin friend...love this idea. Both the quotes are beautiful, one like in the older days and the other one in the age of smart phones that shows true friendship is like old wine getting better with age.

  9. And such a wine is best enjoyed in the company of friends!
    Thanks Vishal for dropping by and sharing your thoughts on it.
    I am glad that you enjoyed reading the post!
    - Anagha