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Life is mystery and a story. For some the story is fairy tale and for some a melodrama. But do we appreciate that we at least have a story, a story that is unfolding each moment! A story full of magical moments... Now you will say whats magical in the boring routine? Don't you think GOD is kind enough to bestow so many things that many people might not even have dreamt of...like having all 10 fingers in place, having two strong legs to jump on, eyes that are witnessing all good as well as bad and most important; a mind that thinks...Aren't these the gifts? Life isn't about what you want all the time. Its about loving what we have and being grateful about it! I recently witnessed one story, live in front of my eyes that made me think about all these things. Let me share it with you...

Like every year, even this year we went to watch Ganesh Visarjan with our kids. The only reason behind was that they should know about our festivals, culture and traditions.

We went to one junction from where we could see all this. All we could see around was huge crowd of people walking on the road leaving no place for vehicles to move leading to traffic jam.

All we could hear was NASHIK DHOL on which artist were performing LAZIM DANCE. People around were enjoying it, but were sad as well on farewell of their favourite God LORD GANESHA.

In that, hustle – bustle one thing struck my heart hard very hard. I saw a man carrying a special child in his arm. The man was in his mid 40’s and the child was around 12 to 14 years old, the child was not able to sit or stand or could even hold his neck. He couldn’t even balance his body. The father was running left and right, to show his child all the Ganesh idols passing by. He was dancing around in 360 degree, just to make sure that his child doesn’t miss any one of them. The only one reason behind that was the happiness on the face of that special child after watching them.

The boy was smiling and clapping whenever he liked the idol and the father was trying to capture that happiness in his heart... maybe forever. This continued for an hour or more and now the father was tired carrying him maybe because of his weight.

But,  I didn’t see any discomfort on his face. All I could see was.....happiness, satisfaction, peace or something really out of the world.....a bliss. My words fail to describe.....no author could have ever captured it in words. Throughout my write-up I have written special child.....did you notice that???????

Yes, he really was a special child who is blessed by GOD with such special parents who can go to any extent selflessly......just for their child’s happiness. Aren’t they all special??? Do you agree????? What they are doing is a “TAPASYA”.  These parents are really very very strong!!!! I strongly believe in it and I agree to this!!

And so, with the end of our season of Grace, Gratitude and Grandeur we would like to express Grand Gratitude to special parents of special child Gracefully!!!

Won’t you join us............................