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Valentine's Day Gifting Ideas

Recently I realized that  Love is deaf. You can't just tell someone you love them...you have to SHOW IT! How true!!  I am much more happy when the love for me is expressed in the form of gifts along with some nice word. Ha ha ha ha ha... And now you, you don't be a liar... you also love it when you receive that special, unique gift from your beloved!!! Real problem is where to get that special, unique gift???  They either turn out to be costly or just something ordinary. With this notion in my mind and knowing that Valentines day is not far away, I cruised a DIY way... do it yourself way. Sharing these ideas with you....

Glittery Photo Vase

1- Glass bottle
2- Plastic sticks 5 to 6 (you canuse old broom sticks)
3- Foam sheet red & golden
4- Mount board 
5- Heart stickers
6- Acrylic color Golden
7- Sticking tape
8- Red ribbon bow

First take a plain glass bottle. Paint it with golden acrylic paint and leave it for some time to dry.
Till the time the bottle dries, on a foam sheet draw shape of the heart. We will need at least 8 pieces from red &  8 pieces from the golden foam sheet.
Stick or paste the  foam hearts on the plastic sticks. Arrange the plastic sticks with hearts one by one inside the bottle. Cut out the 5 to 6 rectangles shapes from the mount board.  You can paste the photos on these rectangles. Once the photos are stuck to the rectangles, stick these on the plastic stick. You can decorate it with color tapes if you like.
Then tie a bow at the neck of the bottle and stick heart shaped 3D stickers on the bottle. You may also write a message on a colored paper and stick it around the body of the bottle.
Your gift is ready for your beloved!

Love That Chimes...Wind Chime

1- Small red color basket 
2- Woolen thread 
3- Small bell 8 bunch (every bunch have 3 bells)
4- Heart stickers (multi colored)
5- Red & golden foam sheets

Take a small basket. Color it red with acrylic colors. If you get a readily colored red basket, nothing like it. Make a hole in the center of the basket and pass a red woolen thread through it. It is for hanging the Love Wind Chime. Now make eight holes  at the edge of the basket, at regular intervals. Pass red thread through these eight holes on the edges.
Cut the threads at different lengths. I have used a descending order for the thread length. Now stick the heart shaped stickers on these threads at regular intervals. You cam use the sea shells as well. At the end of the thread tie  a bunch of "ghungharus" or a small bell or colorful feathers.

Cut heart shape from red and golden foam sheets. Let the size, of these hearts, be bigger than the stickers that we have pasted on periphery. Hang the golden heart below the red heart using the red thread. Hang this in the center of the basket.
Wind chime is ready to dish out the love tunes!!!

These two ideas are just a beginning for your creative side to pop out...I am sure you will give a special touch to it to make it a signature Valentine's Day Gift! 

Wish you a very happy Valentine's Day! Live every moment, laugh every day and love beyond words!!!