A To Z Reflection Post

26 Alphabets, 30 Days and a new adventure! Knowing nothing... to sailing confidently, our journey has seen us graduating in the blogging world with new and exciting learning. Was it the journey drenched with showers of articles, short stories, poems, sounds and sights in the virtual world, only??? We think, it was far more than that...it was journey that originated from within, to a newer us, with new poise and new facets of self showing up at most unexpected bends en route the journey! 

With six active MocktailMommies and two in the supportive and moral boosting mode for this challenge, we had more than eight different takes on this fascinating voyage! Check out the AToZChallenge from different perspectives....

MocktailMommy Vidhi's take....
Mine was going to to be the first article for the challenge. I felt like an opening batsman going out in the field. The tone of our voyage through #AToZChallenge would have heavy bearing on how we manage the first day! This was our first attempt at the challenge. Add to this, we are pretty new to blogging world too...Its been just eight months that we had started our blogging journey! To begin with I chose and was assigned topics that were related to my domain knowledge...art, craft and fashion! As the challenge progressed, I wished to write something that was not my forte. All the readings that I was doing during the month cheered me to write and voila...I discovered a new me, a writer!!! Thanks #AToZChallenge for this new disovery!!

MocktailMommy Karishma's take....
It was a challenge, so I pushed myself to live up to it...I did my best to come out of my comfort zone and learnt one brilliant thing....I could write on varied topics!!! There was a story teller, a writer and creative person hidden for so many years, within me. It gave me opportunity to read myriads of articles on very interesting subjects. It also planted lots of seeds...seeds of new ideas, outlook, thoughts that had never occurred before! And what a platform...the entire world was the audience! Loved every bit of #AToZChallenge. Now I am filled to the brim with the hope and faith that we are ready to ride once again!

MocktailMommy Anagha's take....
Will we or wont we? The first week of the challenge was clouded with this very thought for me! After the first few days, jitters were replaced by caution. Later it changed to more adventurous and exhilarating mode! The more I read the fellow bloggers' articles, day in and day out, it enriched my experience of blogging. Many posts made me ponder, some made me giggle, some made me appreciate the beauty of the thinking brain. I used to eagerly wait to finish my daily chores and hop on to my reading marathon! Without even realizing, we made some digital mates who would come by and express their views, and encourage us.  Thank you is such a minuscule word for my feeling towards these new friends. We owe a lot to them!  To sum up, I would say, it was a marvelous, most memorable journey that I have ever embarked on, with my beloved friends as company! Without the rest of my seven comrades, I wonder whether I would have ever taken up #AToZChallenge! And thank you Team Blogchatter for this opportunity!

MocktailMommy Prasanna's take....
26 posts...sent alarm bells ringing in my head!! I am not so very good at handling deadlines and even worse so at being creative with a sword dangling over my head. The challenge started way before April for us(as it must have for many fellow bloggers). Selecting topics was the most challenging task. We had absolutely no clue about what others may find interesting. Being first time participants made our anxiety only worse. As if things weren't bad enough, Anagha (our only hope in IT dept, other than Karishma) was travelling on the first few days. But our dedication and determination to go through with this helped us all overcome our technological handicap and surge ahead in top gear. After that came the real party...the amazing blogs, the encouragement and love from the blogging community, the feedback, the comments, the shares....they all made us feel a little overwhelmed. THANK  YOU(have put that in bold letters on purpose, to convey intensity)to each and every one who was there for us, including our poor better-halves. We could not have done this without you. Love you all!!!!

MocktailMommy Ruchi's take....
To begin with I thought this is going to be pretty tough! One thing was to come up with the articles, another was handling different platforms (blogger, twitter and FB) and last and most important finding time to read and manage the joint family back home! But the doubting mind soon was blown into bits and pieces...courtesy my resolve to make it...this time or never!! With this very notion, I started my journey...it was more of knowing and exploring self and the world around. I was very much enriched by the articles that I read! Thanks #AToZChallenge for bringing out the more confident me!

MocktailMommy Rupa's take....
During the initial meetings that we MocktailMommies had on #AToZChallenge, I could not be a participants owing to some other engagements on home turf. So to begin with I felt little clueless and lost in the process. But evening time was the time where I would catch up with other MMs (i.e. MocktailMommies) to get abreast. Soon I found myself on the same ship as the rest of my gang! And then it was time for my article...I still can hear the palpitation that I had on that day. The entire world being our stage was something that fascinated and excited me, thanks #AToZChallenge!! The encouraging responses and reviews boosted my morale. In the end, it was a great exploration!

Views, from different persons, from different perspective...all point to only one feeling...feeling of Gratitude...towards #AToZChallenge! Challenge really meant a lot to us and will have a prized place in our hearts, forever!


  1. It sounds like you all had a really great month and learned a lot from it

    1. Yes Debbie. It was indeed a month filled with fun, gratitude and knowledge. Thank you for visiting & inspiring us!!

  2. I loved all your posts. But I must say Anagha, Karishma & Rupa's are my top favorite.
    Congrats ladies for completing the challenge. And I am following you guys to not miss any of your awesome posts.

    Click Here to see what Mrs. Dash Says

    1. Thank you so much for visiting us so regularly and boosting our morale with your lovely comments!! We will be back soon. Congrats to you too for completing the AtoZ challenge.

  3. The best part about A to Z was the mad rush .excitement and wonderful feeling after getting it al done.Congratulations to all the mocktail mommies for doing it together.

    1. Yes, the mad rush and adrenaline somehow kept us all going month long. Thank you for visiting us and congrats to you for completing the challenge so wonderfully!!

  4. Congratulations of doing the challenge and coming out with such flying colours. I cant imagine how it must be to blog as a team - this is quite a new concept for me!

    1. Thank you so much Shalini!! Congrats to you too. Absolutely loved your posts during the challenge. Blogging as a team is really fun, especially with all the chattering & discussing and coffee!!

  5. You Girls rocked the challenge! Special salute to you all for being newbies and working in sync! I loved your posts and I am so glad we met through the Challenge. Keep writing!

  6. Hi mamas, long time no see, what are you up to these days? As a thank you for your support, I've included you on the Mystery Blogger Award post. Thank you for your connection! https://courageouslivingjourney.wordpress.com/2017/06/09/mystery-blogger-award/

  7. Brilliant, somehow I had missed this post, read it just now. Congratulations for completing the challenge successfully and breaking all the inhibitions on the personal fronts. Loved the straight from the heart take from each one of us. Keep it up and wish you success in all that you take up in future.
    P. S. Your strength lies in the diverse background each of you come from, it is refreshing variety of articles which keep me drawing back. 😊😊


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