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Day 6: Speechless Saturday MocktailFun!

Silence has its own language. Have you tried to decipher it? Have you heard it whisper or shout at you? Silence is golden they say, have you experienced that? Silence is that sleep that nourishes wisdom, is that really true? 

What was it that made you speechless? Was it a photograph or movie or a recipe or a story or a poem or something really unique???  Time is here and now that we wish to hear from your silent,speechless experiences...with our theme for today... 

Speechless Saturday

All you need to do is incorporate the anniversary badge at the top in your post and post a comment on our page having a link of your post..

Isn't it amazing that certain things in life, in and around us make us "Speechless" every now and then... So we await those mystical, magical Speechless moments from you! 


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  2. Hi my entry for Speechless Saturday are 3 acts of Kindness which made me speechless . http://healthwealthbridge.com/thankful-thursdays-kindness-31/