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A voice came from the Help Desk, "Next is your turn, Astha." All this while she was sitting quietly and was nervous as if she was scared of what was going to happen...

Was it not very obvious but? It was the fourth time. She was desperately waiting for her name to be called up.

The previous three experiences were worst than the nightmare. Still hoping against the hope, she felt a lot of positivity emanating from deep within.

With a heavy heart, full of self doubt, she entered the room, keeping her fingers crossed!!!!! She felt as if some one can hear her palpating heart... She was drenched in sweat, which she could hide in the guise of the climate. But from whom was she trying to hide it from? From her own doubting self...may be...

Lady in the room coaxed her...and after Astha was comfortable she started her procedure........and within few seconds she heard a confusing wish-swoosh sound.......gradually to a clear one... 
DHAK, DHAK.......DHAK, DHAK.......

It was nothing but the sound of her baby's heartbeats.....it was her first ultrasound check up of her fourth pregnancy.

"Congrats Astha, your child's heartbeat is normal and so is your pregnancy", said the sonologist.

"This was the cutest sound of her life which she was expecting desperately after her three miscarriages. THE CUTEST AND THE BEST HEART IMPRINTS OF HER LIFE... THAT MADE HER FEEL COMPLET...

-----By MocktailMommy kARISHMA

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  1. Story of most moms to be... They are sure the cutest heartprints in our lives.. the write up has a poetic effect too!

  2. The sweetest sound indeed! Loved your title, Heart Prints.

  3. Yes, it is out of the world feeling when you sense the heartbeats of your baby inside. It is a miracle so as to how you carry a life within you.

  4. Very nice one Karishma. She must be feeling loved and on cloud nine. Such a nice post.

  5. Oh it took me to 5.6 years back ;) when I heard it first time. That was the day I fell in love with the baby. Beautiful post, emotions are reverberating to us

  6. Aww! This is such a beautiful post and I can relate to it completely coz I had a miscarriage the first time and every visit to the doc made me nervous and anxious. Thanks for bringing back some lovely memories! :)

  7. Aww! That's beautiful. Made me nostalgic about that moment when I first heard the heartbeats

  8. This is such a beautiful post. Brought back some lovely memories. :)

  9. Can Understand the emotions...... really one of the best (if not the best) sounds one can hear in one's life....