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Diet Plan For Grey Cells #MondayMusing

It was the time of the year for my Sister In Law's visit. This time around it was going to be special, as she had many days to spare! Actually, we being twin souls, the idea of getting to spend more time sounded so very bright! The D-Day arrived...as expected her plane had landed on right time and it being the night time, she reached home just before midnight. Ding Dong went the bell. Yeh...she was finally here!!! With the child like enthusiasm, I opened the door. And I got..speechless...not because of the overwhelming joy of meeting her after a year but because...of her ballooned figure!!!

After two three rounds in the market and some shopping "spa" treatments, I warmed up to her and suggested her to see the dietician. She agreed instantly. Thanks to the mirrors in the changing room and many of my trips up and down the aisle to get her next size of the chosen garment! She confessed over the coffee that her thinner self was trapped inside and was crying out for help...

After some days, when I sat back with my laptop to jot down the post, I realised that my grey cells also needed a make over... they needed to be in shape. How about the diet plan for my grey cells, I wondered?? Please don't get me wrong... I was not thinking about some super foods to perk up my creativity or about consulting the nutritionist... Rather I was pondering about the staple diet of creativity mixed with variety and discipline, for the writer bug inside my mind! I could see some twinkles in my eyes!!! The idea sounded like a challenge for me to come up with a plan to help my creative juices to flow graciously. How about a weekly plan, said the fat grey cells from the corner of the brain...I agreed, lets take baby steps... Se here I set off to make writing more disciplinary...with my Diet Plan For The Grey Cells!

Week usually starts with Monday. Blues of the Monday sometimes play havoc on me and also on many around me...So why not write about the same and call it a "Mood Shades Monday". Well begun, I thought!

On Tuesdays, I usually venture out for some routine shopping to buy groceries, vegetables and fruits. Markets are fascinating and vibrant places. Wouldn't it be a good idea to write about the places of interest in and around the city, I asked self. "Travel To Those Places Tuesdays" came the quick response from the writer bug!

I always had a picture of Wednesdays as a mature and balanced person. "Wise Wednesday" would be the most fitting idea to share the wisdom from the quotes and stories new and old, I thought. So it was...another entry in the diet plan. 

I had a come across the prompt "Thankful Thursdays" and also had contributed a post sometime last week on the same. So I decided to continue the line!

As the Friday dawns, the mood to let loose creeps in...Few hours and the week end sets in! A light feeling starts prevailing over the drudgery feeling of the week gone by. "Funny Friday" or "Fiction Friday" would do justice to my diet plan. This would add the necessary humor or the fiction component in my writings! Bingo!

Saturdays for me are family time. Best investment in the family, I have noticed, comes from the time spent while playing some game together. Saturdays thus give me chance to be sporty and enjoy the team spirit. This could well translate into a post. So..."Sporty Saturday" would help me write on the experience of the day.

Last day of the week, my darling...Sunday! It allows me to be lazy. The french window opposite my bed throws in the open canvass of the sky. I have started believing that, the skies do turn up clad in different costumes every Sunday! May be they do so even on other days, but I am unfortunate to let it pass by for short of time. Can I not just capture the Sunday skies as a piece of prose or poetry or even at times in my lens ?? Good thought...so "Scenic Sundays" would be the best thing to be on the list!

That brings me to the closure of the week. My diet plan for the grey cells is ready to be followed! So I can now keep the writer bug leaner and in shape with this! Now the million dollar question... will I follow it? No marks for guessing.. most probably "NO"! Most of my resolutions have died the very day they were born!!!

-----------MocktailMommy Anagha

I am writing this article as a part of #MondayMusing hosted by www.everydaygyaan.com 

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  1. Oh I know how those resolutions go. I try to stick to #MondayMusings and #FridayReflections on Everyday Gyaan. Doesn't always work out though. I hope you do try again and succeed.

    1. Thanks Corinne for visiting and sharing your views!
      I need some determination to succeed!
      - Anagha

  2. SO true! with me it feels like i come up with resolutions just to break the flow after some time never to look back :D Need to figure out how long is my new resolution is going to last. It was a fun post. Enjoyed reading it.

    1. Thank you Keerthi for visiting us. I am glad that this post entertained you!

  3. I do love to write every day, but it's not realistically achievable over the long term. I've tried. and it has turned out out to be a chore. Even with memes. I don't like it when writing for the grey cells becomes a chore instead of feeling joyous or cathartic. :-) At the moment, I'm trying to be constant with 2 or 3 a week, and maybe extend that to a full writing month once or twice a year. This year has been torrid, so that'd feel like a success for sure.

    1. Yes Vinay, even I was arriving at the same conclusion. Quality over quantity, I told myself. Coz i dont wish to dilute the joys of writing!
      Thanks for visiting and sharing your views!

  4. I enjoyed the Diet plan and it even got me excited, but then reality struck and I realized there is no way I can manage writing everyday

  5. Yeh.. you are right Neha!
    Thanks for dropping by and sharing ur views!

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