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Live Life With A Little Spice...

On the first day of Write Tribe Festival Of Words #6 we gifted you with a "Treasure". To continue the courtesy, today on the second day, we wish to pamper you with some yummy offering using "Resources" that are available in my kitchen! 

Cooking is love made visible. So the good cook always seasons with love. This very seasoning adds to one's signature style! My faithful Resources while seasoning any signature dish always turn out to be fresh produce from the farms and the "SPICES". Spice mixes are blended spices or herbs. When a certain combination of herbs or spices is called for it is always convenient to blend these ingredients beforehand. I prefer the ones that are made at home. The fresh ground spices always make the dish far more alluring and tempting!  

I often end up with using a special spice mix...and the beauty lies in the fact that it imparts different hues to the dishes based on when was it added to the dish. If I add it initially as part of tempering, it imparts its aroma to the the food ingredients inside out. If I add it just before finishing the dish, the tempting smell of it spreads wide and long announcing the arrival of a appetizing dish. Have I kept you guessing for long...oops...yes! So let me bring the cat out of the bag...My favourite and faithful Resource, is a all purpose spice mix, "Punjabi Masala"! 

Lets make it together...


Kashmirichilli (100 gm), 
Corinderseeds (50 gm), 
Jeera(50gm), Sauf (25 gm), Mace (javantri)(10 gm), Sesame (white) (25 gm), Poppy seeds (25 gm)
Bay leaf (5-7 pieces),  Cardamon (5 gm),  
Cinnamon (10 pieces, 1" long), Clove (10 pieces), Black paper (25 gm), Salt (2 tsp)


To begin with, take Kashmiri Chilli in a thick bottomed pan and roast it. After about a min or so add Bay Leaves. Once the Bay Leaves turn crispy, add all the remaining ingredients one by one, except salt. Roast them properly till the aroma wafts in the air! Keep it aside to cool. In another pan add salt and roast it. Put it aside too.  By this time the spices that we have roasted and set aside would have cooled off. So grind them in the mixer and sieve it. Add salt and store in air tight container. 

The magic potion is now ready to be used in every day curries or special day signature dishes!Resources can be plenty so can be the mixes....but its shear love that makes the dish special. Do you Agree?

---------------------MocktailMommy Ruchi

MocktailMommy Ruchi is a homemaker, foodie and a great cook. She experiments with ingredients to dish out magic!


  1. Having the perfect spice mix can be a life saver. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  2. Hey Ruchi, I always am amazed to taste authentic masalas that some of my Punjabi friends use in their recipes. Now I have it and it is easy too! Thanks for sharing this useful resource.

  3. wow!! this is some potion. Your post reminds me of a apothecary from Harry potter!!! Thanks for sharing this recipe- shall try it out

  4. Authentic masala's take a dish to another level.

  5. That an amazing take on the prompt!! Will deffo try the recipe :-)

  6. Roasted...salt? I have never imagined doing such a thing! Might have to give this a try.