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Just One Step Ahead

"Suhana......Stop doing it, you will get hurt."  I shouted from the kitchen realizing she was doing some gymnastics stunts without proper safety.

But, Suhana continued doing it more diligently...so I came out and asked her, "What's the matter baby?? Why are you not listening?....see you got hurt again....doctor had asked you to not practice for at least a month....as you just got your plaster removed and your bone may take some more time to heal."

But all my talks were in vain....as if they were falling on deaf ears. She was doing it more and more persistently. I held her hand and coaxed her. I understood that she was hurt by some rude remarks by her batch mates in the class. 

"Forget it, Suhana! It's not your cup of tea. You will not be able to do it ever!"  and blah blah....followed by giggling ...to make fun of her.

And, the worst thing that pinched her the most was a sarcastic look of her trainer who finally gave up on her after teaching her successively for months, as if he has lost faith in her and doubts her capability.

She looked at me as if she was asking me "Mom, Will I be able to do it and do you believe in me?"

"Believe in yourself and you can do everything!!", I tried to motivate her, and I took my step back...I could have been with her...but then I realized that this is her battle and she has to struggle herself........Thankfully, remarks provoked her to endeavor more...

Chrysalis had begun.......I just had to see the outcome.

She practiced for days, months and for years....she fell and got up, got hurt and healed, but didn"t stop practicing!!

And, the day had come.....when she got selected for her National Gymnastic Competition!! 

The day when she got her GOLD.....she looked at me and raised her medal...

"We did it MAA!!", and I hugged her tightly...."It's you sweet heart....you have done it....."

And suprisingly she replied...."It was you who believed in me....Thanks Maa!!" I thanked and made her realize that its because of her efforts and hard work ...

My tiny cute little cocoon had transformed into a colorful butterfly....colours of strength, hardwork, patience and many more...my baby is now grown up!!

I could see the next Deepa Karmarkar!!

She would have easily quit gymnastic and stayed in her COMFORT ZONE!!! But NO, SHE HAD THE COURAGE TO COME OUT OF IT AND ACHIEVE HER GOAL!!!

That day, even I realized that it's only the one step ahead of your Comfort to acheive the impossible.......and that is COURAGE!!!

--------------By MocktailMommy Karishma

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  1. Yes self belief and faith can help in any situation .Nice one Karishma

  2. Glad Suhana did not give up! Kudos to her.
    Great lesson in this post, Karishma.

  3. Very good post Karishma. I am glad you wrote iy at the right time. At times, I wonder how to encourage my sister and today is one of it. Came in at the right time.

  4. Very inspiring, there are many strugglers out there waiting for just a direction. Only if we realize a small amount of courage can even move mountains nothing is impossible then.

  5. Nothing like having a non-judgmental presence in our lives, egging us on and yet waiting to catch us if we fall!

  6. Courage under fire is very difficult to practice. Loved how you have incorporated the prompt in this endearing tale of a mother-daughter relationship and how they overcame odds by having the faith!

  7. The power of self belief is incredible. When your belief is strong, no failure or setback will have the power to completely wipe you out. Glad that the kid had the courage to face all obstacles and emerge as a winner.

  8. A wonderful story brimming with lots of positivity!

  9. It often just needs one person to believe in them to make the impossible into a reality. We need to be that one person for others.


  10. so true, self belief can take us places which we have only felt in dreams.

  11. Lovely tale! Believing in yourself is the first step to success and we should teach this from a young age to our children.

  12. Beautifully written. A little motivation, guidance and support from parents gives direction and boosts the confidence of children.

  13. I have been through this. Kids need to be left on their own in their battle. We should only overlook them from a distance. Because each of them have the courage, it is just that it needs to be shaken.

  14. Yes self belief is important but more crucial is seeing same belief in your mentor/parents. Glad she didn't stop and ended with a medal.

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts