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Kaleidoscopic Navaratri Memories

I was putting away the sarees and jewelry. I felt a kind of emptiness. Past nine days and a week before just flashed in front of my eyes. As if watching a movie, my hands came to a stand still.

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Deciding which saree to wear on each day of Navaratri, jewelry that will match it the best was the project in my hand in those days. And it was not only for me but for my daughter too. I had to browse through her wardrobe to line up her dresses. Spending time later with her, discussing the line up, was such a joy. Mom and daughter fought, bonded, shared jokes, sang songs and what not in those days. Finally the wardrobes were put in order! 

Thanks to Navaratri that we both had the most precious moments, our own private treasure of memories for years to cherish.

Then came her preparations for the dance performances during Navaratri. Dropping and picking her up from dance class, discussion with choreographer, other moms, led me to a new set of friends.

Was it not that I was surrounded by so many Devies all the while, I wondered… only to feel so thankful that I have a lovely bunch of friends whom I can rely on!

In these days, I learnt and witnessed that there is so much of hard work involved in setting up a performance. The end result, the final performance is just the tip of the ice berg! I was humbled by the efforts put in by the performers and their teacher. I envy their passion to be honest!!!

One more pulse of gratitude. One more "Thank You"

My mind then wafted to the days when I was a kid. Navaratri was not such a grand affair in the small town where I grew up. But the charm of the nine days was the same. I loved and felt pampered when we, the girls, were invited at our near and dear one’s houses. Reason was “Kanya Pooja”. Having dount over such a grand status, I asked my mother, “Am I really the goddess?”. To this my mom, had replied, “Yes dear Kanyaka Parameshwari! You are and all the ladies, including your aunties, grannies… all are the Goddesses!”

The word “Kanyaka Parameshwari” brought dimples on my face. This fetched me to present too. How profound my mother was, I wondered. All the ladies in this world are a form of a Shakti, a force. We the ladies have to wear so many hats, avatars.  

We are mothers, epitome of love. We are teachers like Maa Saraswati. We are forceful and strong like Maa Kaali when it comes to fighting back with evils! We are the best chefs just like Maa Annapurna. We are the warriors like Durga Maa… have any doubt about this, check with your better half!!! Jokes apart, we are many in one… just like the Durga Maa! 

This thought made me thankful that I am a lady… and unique form of supreme power! 

I am also thankful that I am blessed with so many wonderful Devis in and around my life… my mother, my aunties, my mother in law and now my daughter! Each of them has blessed my life with Midas touch. I am and will always remain grateful and thankful to all of them!

Just two years before we were stay put at Pune, Maharashtra. Navaratri there is characterized by the chanting of stotras and visiting temples. I remember those magical moments with a great pride. Getting ready to visit a friend’s house for chanting Devi Stotras was divine feeling. And the chanting itself electrified the environment. It used to be followed by scrumptious offerings of Prasad to all the chanters. We started chanting on first day of Navaratri, i.e. Ghata Sthapana. And chanting on that day used to be at my residence. The positivity that was felt is just beyond the my mortal capacity to explain. 

I am so very thankful to all my dear friends for the divine Maharashtrian touch to Navaratri memories.

This tradition of chanting however, I had borrowed from my group at Sharjah. We were a close and knit group of 12-15 families. Everyone from different state of India, from Uttarakhand to Tamil Nadu and Kerala, from Maharashtra, Gujarath to Orisa and Kolkata. Festivals were the occasions to come together and celebrate. Navaratri was one of the most important festival that we celebrated with chanting. 

Thankful that Navaratri brought all the Indians together on foreign land, ushering in a patriotic touch!

We have been nomads since long. So just two years back, we shifted our base to the vibrant city of Mumbai, Mulund to be specific. Many Kutchis and Gujaratis  call this their home, next only to Gujarat. Society where we are staying right now, is no exception! Come Navaratri and enthusiasm is palpable. 

Thankful to Navaratri that I learnt Garba and Dandiya Raas! 

Garba... what an energetic form of worship of Goddess Durga. Every evening, all the nine days, is a celebration of color, vigor and social networking! 

Cant say thank you enough to these charismatic days touched with the sweetness of Gujarat!

This very city, introduced us to Durga Pujo! A family friend, a sweet Bengali husband and wife, invited us for Ashtami Pujo. I scouted you tube for learning to drape the saree in typical Bong style. Happy to say that, I now can drape the saree in Bengali style, effortlessly! 

Visiting Durga Pujo pandal was an experience of life time. Enjoyed “Sindoor Khela” too! And after all this, came the Prasad of hot steaming Khichadi, Brinjal pakoda, Rice kheer and Rosagulla! 

The taste still lingers in my mind making me thankful all over again. This dash of exuberance thankfully completed my kaleidoscopic view of the Navaratri memories. 

“Are we going to have lunch today on Dussehra or are we observing fast?”, duties came calling...bringing me back to mundane chores...Believe me it was so difficult, because...

My heart wished to bask in the glory of Thankful Navaratri memories for a little while longer…

------By MocktailMommy Anagha

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  1. Such a heart warming post, Anagha !!! Always feeling grateful is a wonderful effect.

    1. Thanks Vasantha for dropping by and encouraging with your views!
      Yes, its been really a wonderful and very blissful experience to be thankful!

  2. Oh Anagha ,such a beautiful post .You know how to drape a traditional Bengali style sari?Thats impressive.Sweet memories shared here.Thank you for writing with us for #ThankfulThursdays.

    1. Oh yes Amrita! Being a true blue saree fan, it was easy to learn it! Thank you for giving us a platform to share our sweet little mind space with ThankfulThursdays!
      - Anagha