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Rose Diaries

Roses have long, colorful history .The rose is the king of flowers(or should I say queen??) It has been grown in many different colors over centuries .They are available  in a wide range like red, pink, white, yellow, orange and many more. They have been specially bred to grow in a wide variety of growing habitats and colors. Rose is widely used across the world as symbol of love, sympathy or sorrow.

Different colors signify different meanings. I am listing some of these below. You are welcome to share your opinions too!!!

Red Rose- A red rose expression of love. Red roses usually show deep affection.

Pink Rose- There are lot of variations of the pink color. Usually pink roses are used to express gentle emotions and deep, endless love.

White Rose- White rose is color of purity, innocence and sacred love. White roses usually symbolize a new start.

Yellow Rose- Yellow roses are usually used as an expression of exuberance.Yellow roses show joy, warmth and sometime welcome.They are a symbol of friendship and caring.

Orange Rose- Orange roses remind most people of a fiery blaze. Orange rose is a symbol of passion and energy and can be used to show desire & pride.

Roses are best known as THE ORNAMENTAL PLANT grown in one's garden and indoors. They have been used for perfumery, minor medical uses, food,drinks and also many more uses.

Rose Petals are used in making rose oil that is steam distilled by curing roses. Rose essence is rich in flavanoids, tannins, antioxidants and vitamins A,B,C,D & E giving ample benefits to our body and skin.
Rose petals are occasionally made into jam, jelly, rosewater, syrup etc. So, we use rose water and gulkand, in summer,  to beat the summer heat. I am sharing the recipe for GULKAND. Enjoy your summer, Friends!!!

Rose petals (petals of fragrant and light pink roses). - 2 cups
Granulated Sugar - 2 cups
Cardamom powder (Elaichi). - 1 tablespoon
Rose essence. - 2-3 drops

Take Pink rose petals, gently wash the petals with water and let them dry on a dry cloth.Chop the petals into pieces.
Add equal amount of sugar by weight in the petals.
Spread a layer of rose petals in a dry glass bottle with a lid.
Now spread a layer of sugar over the rose petals evenly.
Then again spread a layer of petals over the sugar layer.
Repeat till all the petals are over.
Close the glass bottle with a lid and keep it in the sunlight for 7 - 10 days.
Mix the gulkand every other day using a clean spoon.
Store in an airtight container and refrigerate it.

Making Gulkand at home is better than using the commercial ones as they add the complete rose flowers, instead of just using the petals. Please make sure that the rose petals are clean and free of insects.
Gulkand can be used daily and is an excellent summer tonic.


                                                                     -By Mocktail Mommy Ruchi


  1. I'm going to try some gulkand as soon as I can get some fresh roses.

    Have you ever tried rose petal beads?

    Her Grace, Heidi from Romance Spinners

    1. Oh... Never knew about rose petal needs... Sure will try them!

    2. Hey Heidi, never seen rose petal beads before. Do share some more about it with us!!! Thank you for visiting us.

  2. White roses are also a sign of sympathy for a death. I know yellow roses are meant as a sign of friendship, but they are so beautiful, they should be the ultimate sign of everlasting love.

    1. Agreed Gail. Every colour has its own charm and significance. I personally love red ones. Thank you for visiting us.

    2. Thank you for sharing your views and visiting us.

  3. My mom used to mix gulkand with milk during our summer vacations. We loved it then :-)

    Thanks for rekindling the memories

    A Peice Of My Life

    1. Gulkand with milk is an unbeatable combination for the summer heat. Thanks for visiting us.

  4. I love Roses , especially the red ones. Thanks for the gulkand recipe. Have never tried it .
    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you for stopping by Moon. Hope you like the gulkand!!!!

  5. Would you believe me if I told you I absolutely abhor Roses!? But I love Gulkand and I will be saving your recipe to make it sometime soon. Thanks for sharing, Ruchi :)


    1. Do let me know how it turns out Mayuri!!! Thanks for visiting us!!

  6. Thanks for the gulkand recipe. Here's another interesting rose detail. In the US, the varieties cultivated before 1950 had an intense fragrance -- now mostly found in botanical gardens or near older homes dating back that far. The hybrids cultivated after 1950 sacrificed the aroma for fancy petal variations. Is that true by you as as well?

    1. That's sad. Here in India, we still have people growing them the traditional way, consequently preserving the aroma. But with time, the invasion of hybrid seeds has begun here too. Thanks for visiting us Molly!!!

  7. Wow! I never knew Gulkund is made of rose and that recipe is sure doable. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks for visiting Parul!! Do let us know how it turns out.

  8. That is a wonderful post on roses! One of my favorite flowers.
    I remember, back in childhood, when my sister told me that Gulkand is made of with roses ... I was in like, how can we cook and eat flowers! Then we went running to my Mum to settle the disagreement. She was right!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Best Wishes!

    1. Thank you Karnika. We are glad you liked our post and it reminded you of sweet childhood days!!

  9. Hi - thanks for visiting my blog ... I'd no idea about your sweet rose petal preserve - it sounds delicious ... and what a treat. I love roses - they are an essential for most British gardens - and thankfully we are preserving the older varieties with their lovely aroma - lovely - cheers Hilary