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Why???...To Why Not!!!

Why (Y) for women :
Why ??? 'why' always has be a first question for all women ....may it be her personal life or professional life or family life? She always has to face first of all a...  " why " ???  Nearly a hundred years since women won the right to vote, their political and societal power is still only a fifth of what it should be... 

 Now , it's a high time that we need our space , our freedom , our identity, our growth ... History had witnessed many women with exceptional bravery and intelligence who walked shoulder to shoulder with men of their times. Let us remember woman of the freedom era who fought bravely for their country and contributed towards the achievement of independence of the country India. They are still source of inspiration for us , They still fill our hearts with respect and courage. 

In simple words, we have the brilliant opportunity to expand our philosophical, psychological , physical and professional potential by obtaining our God given right to become educated. An educated woman who has absorbed the many different perspective of life. So , first we have to make every single woman ' a educated woman '. Then only we women will start opening up more often in private setting and find our voices and feel more empowered to speak our minds publicly and prominently , too.

"Is this possible that a woman gets freedom in the fearful environment? "  NO. Freedom means something different to each one of us. Freedom to a woman  may mean that she wants the clean and quite place , a place where there is equality in gender , where people live and let others live also , a place of friendship, a place full of positive thoughts , a place where she is safe , a place where she can walk alone freely without any fear, and many more things. Today's woman, fortunately has got freedom of expressing her point of view ...

Modern women is  free to choose , to make decisions.... Then why  ....this "why" always has to confront us???  " Women need freedom , not protection "... Our opinion matters !!! We are living in 21st century. Still some of the question faced by us, even today, never seemed to have changed for women from ages. So now it's time to take decisions and exert that we have our opinions and they do count!

Why I can't drive better than my husband ?
Why I can't proposed to my boyfriend first ?
Why I can't be a big action movie fan ?
Why I can't win in arm wrestling fight with my brother ?
Why I can't beat my boyfriend in FIFA ?
Why I can't be a superhero of my kids?
Why I can't train him in a gym ?
Why I can't fix the bulb ?
Why I can't be a home maker ?
Why I can't wear a short skirt ?
Why I can't go on a road trip with my girls???

These questions are never ending ... but we have to change it !!!

We can choose to do anything...... be something bigger than  what the world want you to be ...

I get to choose .... we get to choose !!! From Why??...To Why Not!!!

-----------------By MocktailMommy Vidhi


  1. That was a wonderful post. Indeed, sometimes "why not" is the answer. It is high time to take the control and empower ourselves.
    Thanks for sharing
    Best wishes!

    1. I absolutely agree: Why not? I fix bulbs, I proposed first... We can change things.
      Eva - Mail Adventures

    2. Great 👍🏻 thanks for visiting us

    3. Thank you so much karnika. Your appreciation is so encouraging. Thanks for visiting us.

  2. Yes, Vidhi. Agree with you on this one. The 'Why's' in Women's lives weigh them down sometimes.

  3. Agreed and a woman who envisions change can not only bring change around her but inspire hundreds, so it's time to ask 'Why Not'


    1. Yes .... now it's time to say why not ??? In return ... thanks

  4. When it comes to women, everyone's full of questions. Why, they ask of everything in our lives. Why not? is the best response.

  5. How does a mere man reply to this? I know my place!

    1. It's not because of man ... it just for a question ' why we ' ??? Thank you for visiting us

  6. Yeah a womans life seems to be dominated with you cant do this or Why do you want to do this?
    Great post over a very important question!!

    Visit my blog for the Pergrination Chronicles as I meander through the AtoZchallenge where I am telling travel tales by the alphabet!!

    ​Wish upon the stars

    1. Thank you so much for your appreciation ... thanks .

  7. When I got cancer so many people asked me, "Why you?" My response was always, "Why not me?" The truth is we need to accept what we cannot change and then do all we can to change the rest. Thank you for this post. W is for Watch the Wordcount as you Build a Better Blog. #AtoZchallenge.

    1. To say that u really need courage... hats off to you mam !!! Thank you for visiting us .

  8. "Women need freedom, not protection"
    Love that!

    Emily | My Life In Ecuador | Water. Clean Drinking Water