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"Boss"...  one of the most important and equally complex relationship in a corporate environment. As we take a first dip in the corporate world, our immediate reporting manager becomes a guide or captain who helps us to sail through the initial phases of our career. Since we must trust and follow our mentor, we tend to agree on most of the issues. That’s when we come across this most frequently used word ‘YES BOSS’!

Though in totality, the word depicts positive affirmation, the intention or thought behind it is very critical. Even though this word is used for boss management, there are divided school of thoughts in its application and intent.

Many of them follow this simple rule of ‘YES BOSS’ either due to fear of conflict or some of them use it for their own advantage. It’s often argued whether success is purely dependent upon sincerity, effort and ability to work??? Raises, perks and promotion often depend directly on how you manage your manager. This often leads to wonder to what extent there should be agreement and when to apply the brake.   

In every organisation, you would find a person who has this tendency to agree on almost everything with his manager. Not surprisingly, he turns out be the favourite among the lot and this makes us to think whether the ‘YES BOSS’ rule has a big role to play???

It reminds me of a Bollywood movie “Yes Boss” which gives us a good learning in a true sense. The movie evolves around an ordinary person who blindly follows his boss's order to fulfill his dream. Though his intention is pure, it eventually lands up him in trouble due his manager's evil intention. It also raises the question whether he should have applied his consciousness which would have raised conflict in short terms but yielded positive results in long term. 

The golden rule is that one must work with sincerity and dedication. Some of the smart way of working to avoid conflicts are...
 1) Put up your sincere opinion and not argument
2) Strive for Open Communication
3) Simply trust in some matters and go ahead
4) Demonstrate your capabilities and initiatives
5) Develop healthy and respectful relationship

The most important thing to remember is ‘Be Yourself’ and do not compromise or follow others. If you follow the golden rules, you are sure to achieve the desired goal and not always follow the “YES BOSS” way!!!

---------------By MocktailMommy Rupa


  1. A someone who is her own boss, I'd better listen to mine!:) Well written, Rupa:)

  2. Rupa, I think I know who you are talking about :)! but loved the movie...LadyInRead @ MyRandRSpace - Day 29 & YummyY.

  3. Rupa I loved that movie for its whole hearted affirmation towards this view!!! But I agree with you on maintaining one's individuality and not simply licking ass!!
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    Y is for You have got mail in Udaipur #atozchallenge

    1. Thank you for going through our blog....

  4. I loved that movie and the song with yellow dress. In school we use to dance on that song during lunch breaks. Those sycophants do get some perks but I guess principles and self respect are more important for rest of us.
    Thanks for sharing
    Best wishes!

    1. Yes very nice movie....Thanks for visiting our blog..

  5. I get a kick out of reading Ask a Manager. I've learned so much about the corporate world (and what not to do).

    Her Grace, Heidi from Romance Spinners

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience and for visiting us!

  6. During the course of my corporate career I worked for more bosses I was like "no, boss" than others, simply because they were beyond decency or integrity. Of course that didn't make me their pet, but at least I was still able to look in the mirror.


    1. Good to know that you chose to be yourself! So very proud of you! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  7. Every organization/business needs a boss...somebody at the helm who "calls the shots" and the one who is answerable when things go wrong!
    Having said that, the person at the top has to lead by example...and with integrity if he/she wants employees respect! Respect has to be earned...and it's a two-way street.
    It's also good to have some 'no boss' employees who help to keep the balance in the workplace...and keep the boss on his/her toes! LOL
    Writer In Transit

    1. Thank you for sharing your views. Specially liked the the last few lines!!!

  8. Be true to yourself if the best piece of advice you can give. Bosses come and go, but you will always live with the consequences of your practices and values.

  9. A well thought out and articulated post about the challenges of working for someone else.

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  10. Very true, you are awesome and strong!