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The Cycle And The C

Why do we spell the sea as "sea" and not just "c"? This was the question my son had asked once when he was a kindergartner. My extempore answer to it was, "This C is too small for the big sea!" And the giggles satisfied both the hearts! But tell me, why cant we spell sea as "c"? 

This "C" however has innumerable memories attached to it. 

Dwelling in Sharjah, at one point of time, Ajman Beach was nearest to us. We had spent a lot of week ends, Friday and Saturday, as we were in UAE, on this beach. The routine was pretty easy...Have a hearty brunch at Dwarka in Abu Shagara and head to Ajman beach. Frisbee, sand tools, cricket bat and ball used to be our staple companions. My son, aged 3 then, was so very scared of the waves lashing the shore that it took a while for us to get him accustomed. And once that initial phobia was done with, we had difficulty in pulling him out of the seas! Some moments of my life are still ingrained in those sands!!!

Sometimes, we used to travel to Fujairah. It is almost 100Kms from Sharajah.  I was told that it was nearest point to India, geographically! At times, feeling nostalgic, I used to wave my hand in the direction of India; conveying that I missed it much! The clear aquamarine blue green  water all throughout the year had its own charm. Though it was little rough compared to one at Ajman, it appeared like a macho man! Journey to Fujairah was also a wonderful sojourn. Friday Market en route to Fujairah was a must stop over...one on the pretext of taking the break from the long drive and another for browsing through locally produced fresh vegetables and fruits, pottery, carpets, nurseries, etc. 

Jumeirah Beach at Dubai was another marvel. Barbecue outings with friends and families was accompanied by the pull of crystal clear water here. The sea here was always calm. And no matter how deep I ventured into the water, I could always see my toes! The clear blue open skies and the vastness of the sea complimented each other. After so many years, I am yet to come to conclusion whether it was the company of the friends or was it the tranquility of water here that had lasting impression on me.

And it was here that my son learnt cycling. Cycling is and will always remian close to my heart. 

This romance dates back to my child-hood days. Growing up in a far off small town in northern Maharashtra, there was only one bicycle shop. It was strategically placed at a corner in the city center. The only brand that was sold was "Atlas". My elder bro and me, grew up spending considerable time in front of the shop, marveling at the beauties displayed there; whenver we went to the market place. As the town was small, so were the distances. And thus no bicycle for me or my brother, we were told.

However things changed when my brother was in 10th standard. He had to attend the tuition classes. In order to save time for self study, my brother was gifted a new bicycle. I felt so very envious of him that time. He used to walk like a King whenever he spotted me near his bicycle. I was prohibited from using it. It was his property. I could win a ride only at his mercy! 

One fine day, however, I had a chance of my life. 

That day Big B did not take the cycle to the tuition. It was standing in the porch and was calling out to me. Every one else was busy inside the house. I stealthily crept inside, grabbed the keys and here I was riding the cycle and enjoying my success! But it was short lived. The treacherous puddle landed me on the ground. In order to avoid it, I had veered straight into it! I miss those naive days!!!

Gone is that cycle and the "C" too... But the sparkling memories ride elegantly on the shores of my time line!

-----------By MocktailMommy Anagha
I dedicae this post to my lovely friends in Sharjah, Dubai and Abudhabi... Lekha, Twinkle, Hiranmayi, Tejas, Pratima, Bahavana, Aparna, Sneha, Almass, Sophia, Swati J, Swati P and Neena. 
And also to my Big B...Narayan!

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  1. I enjoyed your memories. True, so many times, that when we try to sneak something, we are found out. At least we are all adults now. I loved your explanation of "C" and "sea" to your son.

  2. Thank you for visiting and sharing your views on this post. We value your presence!
    - Team MocktailMommies

  3. Your story about your brother and you brought back memories of simpler times - when we longed for something and didn't always get it. I think we learned a lot more from those experiences, don't you?

  4. On same page with you Corinne! Those were the days of empty pockets and heart full of wishes and dreams! Any dream could see the light of the day only out of merit... And the joys lasted forever!
    Thanks dear for dropping by and sharing your views!

  5. Anagha you are our javed akhtar... well written and very interesting . Thanks a lot for mentioning our names . Yoy are a gem of person 👌👌👏👏

    1. Sophia thank you so much for the shower of the love! You were and will remain a special part of my life!
      Thanks for dropping by!
      - Anagha

    2. Very well written as always. U are really a great writer. Keep. It up. And all the very best for future.

    3. Thank you so much Almass for showering love! Missed our gang @Sharjah and our chitter chatter on the steps of Al Sabri Building while writing this post. Love you dear!

  6. Thanks for sharing your memories. Interestingly, my first beach memories were from the Middle East too --- I lived in Salalah, Oman for 5 years and we'd often go to the beach there too :)

  7. I once had been to Salalah. Its the most green place I have seen in Oman!
    Thanks Sanch for visiting the blog and sharing your views!