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Triple Scoop Microfiction

The Fallen Nest

Nayan heard the thud outside the window. The nest had fallen on the road…

She rushed out to have a look. The distress call of the birds filled the air. She felt the shrills and tremors. Her house, her nest came crumbling down too… 

...The fallen nest had saved her precious life!

No One Remembers!

Off late she had been behaving little strange thought the old man. May be it’s the empty nest that is making her long for company, attention and much sought after busy person stature, he mused.

Now that her birthday was approaching at a faster pace than ever, the grumpiness seemed to have grown in proportion. He thought of a plan to make her day special without letting her know of his moves…

“No one remembers”, thought Liz and opened the door in the morning at the call of the door-bell and saw the gifts with her name written in large print on them!

Are You Ready?

It seemed eternity for the darkest part to be over. She had been direly waiting for that  ray of hope as the ray of sunshine had failed to dawn on her.

But not today… after receiving a generous  donation!

Today she was going to see something that was her companion since childhood…she knew it only by its feel. “Are you ready to see the world, Anjali?”, asked the Ophthalmologist in ever assuring, gentle voice.

Smiling, Anjali took out her box of colour pencils and tears clouded her view!

---By MocktailMommy Anagha

 All the three stories were part of #SaturdayPrompt for #MicroFiction held by Write Tribe

All Pictures courtesy Pixabay

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