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Dark Bitter But Not So Cool

The coffee mug and the round sun glasses, Aarav, the super star’s constant companions… Especially when it was a close encounter with media or fans.  Since past few months it had been a rage to own same.  
Many businesses thrived on his latest muse…  

Shooting at the exotic locales of New Zealand, Aarav had come across them, hinted the glossy magazine.  His romance with them seemed to have grown viral over the time!

His makeup man rose to fame too.  “Highest paid makeup man”, label was impressive.

Cat does come out of bag sooner or later…

In an inebriated state, the makeup man revealed the face behind, to the reporter. Aarav had suffered a major paralytic attack during his shoot at New Zealand. His left eye and the lower side of the left lip were adversely affected. After many unsuccessful cosmetic surgeries, he found the hide out, mug and the glasses!

Headline on Page 3 next day read… “Dark, Bitter But Not So Cool”

-----By MocktailMommy Anagha
Word Count: 164 words

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This week's photo prompt is provided by shivamt25. Thank you shivamt25 for prompt!


  1. Very sad that part of his face was paralyzed. Great ending to the story! Great story!

    1. Thanks PJ for visiting and praising! Glad u liked the story!

  2. It's amasing what makeup artists can do eh? Great story!

    1. Make up really is a game changer! Thanks for dropping by and appreciations!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks dear for dropping by and appreciating!

  4. Interesting twist. A make up twists the look to suit others isn't it?

  5. Indeed it does, Sudha... Make up can conceal so many truths and mask the mean blemishes...
    Thanks for visiting and

  6. A beautiful take on the photo prompt!