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Wardrobe Makeover

Every new season is the reason for makeover of the wardrobe

Oh, I am not talking about myself. Neither I am referring to the wardrobes of fashionistas. Look around, and you can witness that Mother Nature also keeps changing her wardrobe from time to time. Come summer and she is decked up with all the hues of bright yellow, orange, red and woody browns. With rainy season it wears all shades of grey, black, some tinges of blue and glistening greens! Come autumn- winter, there is riot of colors. Festivities in this season add to its exuberance. 

Mother Nature is a quintessential fashionista, isn't she?

My town is highly influenced by whatever Mother Nature does. Come Navaratri and its almost bye bye to the monsoon grays and monsoon sales! The market area of my city comes alive and bubbly with Navartri Street Mela. 

Reaching the main market area is bit damper. Thanks to uncivilized ways of parking and driving, one needs a bit of patience to survive honking and shouting! But the colorful canopies give you a respite.  They appear as the curios hats, trying to check out who all are visiting today!

Walking is good for health you see... that's what I have learnt from venturing into this market area since last two years! This way I get to soak even better into the vibrancy of the place. 

A part of the main market road is closed for traffic during Navaratri. It is where the real action is! This stretch reminded of the ramp walk. The man made and the God made were displaying the latest of the season here...

I spotted this lady selling Chaniya Cholis, right at the beginning of the street. Looking at the display, I got some random thoughts. She can be an asset as a window display expert with any of the upmarket apparel brand!  
Wasn't she selling motley joys and not just the clothes, the philosophical me had wondered!

In contrast to this was the chaos of the colours. More than the chaos, it appeared riot to me! No, no, no...it was neither chaos nor riot, but it was the kaleidoscopic view! Mid day Sun had added to the glory of the colors.

Then there was a lady selling prismatic 'dandiyas'. The lure of the variety and colours was so tempting that I ended up buying three four pairs. I hope they will add variegated splash to my 'Garba dance' this year!

The dash of the red, orange and yellow of clothes was aesthetically contrasted with the fresh green, white and purple of the vegetables. Though an every day feature of the street, it appeared brighter this time to my eyes. Was is only the sight or my peppy mood that gave it a freshness, I don't know...

I spotted a lovely coincidental camouflage. Lady in green offering healthy greens! She complimented the picture with a smile...

And then, there were many other attractions too! Happy faces of buyers and sellers, florist with his aromatic and fresh flowers, earthen lamps seller, jewelry stalls, etc to name a few. 

Even after spending an hour and half, I was still not ready to go back. But call of the duties had to be attended to...couldn't snooze that! Leaving my heart somewhere behind, in the hustle and bustle of the market, I returned home. A visit to such a lovely and lively place is  delightfully inspiring for the writer bug in my mind!
In tune with nature, my town indeed was in the process of wardrobe makeover! 

--------By MocktailMommy Anagha

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  1. Such lovely pictures. That lady with the chaniya cholis was my favourite. When my daughter was a toddler she would refuse to budge from such displays till I let her buy one.

    1. Yeh, I know Tulika. I can imagine the joy that might have spread on your daughter's face like the sun shine! Was it not worth millions?
      Thanks for visiting and sharing your story with us!

  2. I love visiting markets and capturing shots. Indians markets are such a treat. Thank you for sharing your colourful finds with us.

    1. Good to know that! Market places are definitely the energy chargers. Corinne, suggest you to visit Mulund (w) market some day... its a fabulous place! Let us know in advance, we MocktailMommies would love to take you around...
      Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. We value your presence with us!

  3. Very fresh perspective Anagha; loved the take on mother nature's garbs!!! Peppy shots of the market space added to the pizzaz of the post

    1. Oh Shalini, glad that you paid a visit to us and spent the quality time with the post!
      Thank you for appreciation!

  4. Very well described Anagha ,I love walking around in these street markets and the riot of colours and variety of different things are a pleasure to the eyes. With ur article I had one more trip to the market...

  5. Isnt the visit therapeutic Vaishali? I know you will agree!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for lavish praises dear!

  6. Lovely photos - so interesting to see. Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Thank you for dropping by. 'M Glad that you found the pics interesting. Actually the place was so vibrant that it just got reflected in the pic!