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He is going to be there, He is there and now He was about to leave... Three different stages and three different images, emotions.  As we say adieu to Bappa, here is my round up of all that is just beyond..."Ganeshotsav"!


It reminded me many things like, eg. preparations before the arrival of the God, cleaning of the house, ladoos and prasad and decorations, welcoming Lord Ganesha at midnight after everything is done picture perfect! Actually wished to do the best we ever could do, to make a pleasurable stay of five days for LORD GANESH.


House turns out to a be magical space with lot of peace and positivity all around. You can actually feel the presence of the divine power if you believe so. Family get together, relatives and people coming to your place for darshan everything looks and feels so lively, vibrant....as if till date you are forced to doubt your existence in his absence.

But here, I am bit worried.. What if I get my periods????? What should I do?? The traditional thinking and the modern belief are at logger heads! Think of the devil and devil appears!

Should I leave the place to maintain the sanctity (so called...I am question that belief actually) and deprive myself of that peace.....leave Bappa whom I had welcomed whole heartedly ......to stay with me for five days.

Why are such rules made ??????? Rules which I have only heard of and followed. Whatever may be the reason I don't want to get into that controversy......but it actually hurts somebody. God, who is ever loving, will He deprive his disciple of the joys for a natural  phenomenon? 
We could have a hot discussion over a cup of coffee some day. So leave it for another post some day!

This time it was the most memorable day for me, I would like to show it through my lens.

Bappa, was going back, and I was not there to wish him PUDCHYA VARSHI LAVKAR YAA (visit us early next year)!!! I could only see him for few seconds through video call. 

But, only his glimpse of few seconds was enough for me!!! It gave me feeling as if my most precious thing was going away from me.... Dear departed! I could see some numbness in His eyes too! 

Then why did He cry???????? Was he not happy staying with me??? or Was He sad that I left him for not at all a rational reason? Was He sad that in the name of the God, we are spreading irrationality? 

Ganapati Bappa Moraya! Pudhachya Varshi Laukar Ya!

-----By MocktailMommy Karishma

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