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Born to the business tycoon, he was the one with a silver spoon!

The football arena, the basketball ground, an amphitheater, and what not. He had everything that a teenager may fancy.

His favorite spot was the steps of the amphitheater. Come evening and he would rush out to them. Standing on one of the steps, he would peep over the wall.

“Raghav, Saumya, Lalit, Henry. Come over” he would shout.

“You only have shooed them away. You are bad”, he would rant.

“Gaurav baba, come down. They will come”, requested the soft voice.

“I will ask Mom to send you home. I hate you. You don’t let my friends in”

“Are you going to complain to Madam from here?”, she would quiz.

Rest of the evening would then be spent running round and round every corner.

A fatal accident five years ago, froze Gaurav’s age forever!

---------By MocktailMommy Anagha
Word Count: 147
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  1. I am reminded of the line - "Poor little rich boy." Nicely done Anagha.

  2. You summed it so well Lavanya!
    Thanks for visiting dear.

  3. I was stuck with trying to decipher this, the last line is like fitting the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Well done Anagha

  4. Hmmm, even I had thought of the same after finishing the first draft. But then left it untouched.
    U echoed my mind.

  5. Loved your take with the prompt Anagha

    1. Thanks Gaurav for dropping by. Glad that you liked it.

  6. Omg what a twist , wonderful Anagha

    1. Thanks Monika for dropping by and sharing your views!

  7. That is so, so sad!
    Loved the way you wrote it though. Great stuff, Anagha!
    Thank you for writing for #FridayFotoFiction

    1. Thank you Mayuri for visiting. Yes, its a sad story, but u know what, I was kinda bored of writing forever happy endings stories!