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Thankful For Blogging Contests #ThankfulThursdays 37

This post has been judged as the winner of "Thankful Heart" for #ThankfulThursdays 37

“BLOG ??? What’s that?”   

This was my first reaction last year when I heard it. I always thought that blogging is for those who are good at words and seriously, I’m definitely a misfit here! Even when a small writing part sneak peaked in my life, I had literally ran away from it!!!

         …but nothing is permanent!!!

One of MocktailMommy friend came up with a great idea last year and we 8 mommies agreed to start something new and exclusively for ourselves. 

It was a challenge, a contest in itself. Doing something out of our comfort zone was a big task!

After initial foray into the blogging we were running out of ideas to spread our wings. We stumbled upon the A To Z challenge in late March’17.

This contest transformed our lives. Our bonding with each other grew stronger. We started thinking in the ways that were out of box! Slipping into each other’s shoe to let the show go on was done effortlessly!

Then there was “Write Tribe’s” challenge as well.

Excitement is impossible when there is no contest, isn’t that true?

These contests had the catalytic effect on me. From the cocoon comes the butterfly… I had learnt it in science! These contests however made me enliven this wonderful phenomenon!

I am thankful that the Blogging contests, brought the writer in me to my knowledge! 

Suddenly facing the vast horizon, a canvas waiting for us to paint it, we were mesmerized! Blogging world and the contests there in, taught us many valuable lessons. The most vital ones for me are…

ü How to manage time and stick to the dead lines?
ü How to help each other?
ü How to write and communicate in this busy life?
ü Digital friends are as real as the real ones!
ü There is always something better hiding inside us. A challenge, a contest is a must to bring it to light!

Before blogging and the contests, I was just a fine arts artist. So my part was to take up the Art and Craft posts for our blog. I love to do paintings, learn new things  like mediums and art !!! Working out of my home, I conduct   Art & Craft, drawing classes for children. That's gives me lots of happiness.

Add to this the blogging contests! I became more confident, happy and I started loving myself more which is most important!

Blogging and contests gave me enough confidence and courage to write about myself, my passion, my work .... I am very thankful that it helped me, my soul to do what I love to do ! It is helping me to grow in my profession. Since last 5 months, I have started following many art and craft blogs regularly.  It helped me learn Mix Media art, making art journals, creating travel albums, etc. Oh! The list is getting longer and longer!

This all culminated in me creating my personal art and crafts blog. I have named it 'Artery Crate'. Now this is also a big part of my life. Its my little creation, my world! You are most welcome to visit me there!

I am thankful to the blogging and blogging contest because they taught me to stand out instead of trying to fit in! A thankful heart always remains a  happy heart!

-----By MocktailMommy Vidhi
*All pictures courtesy Pixabay
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  1. Vidhi, you have chronicled our journey with a thankful heart...loved enjoying those moments once again.
    Well worded and complete in all respect.

  2. Nice to meet an arts n craft person, U r equally creative at ur blog, all the best for ur new blog Artery Crate