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Remigrating Colours

Have you seen a  man who stands in his own shadow and wonders why is it dark? 

I have seen one...'coz I was the one! 

From a glamorous, celebrated painter's life to the monochromatic, lonely one I have seen it all! 

That apocalyptic day dawned with a lifetime nightmare. My fingers, my obedient servants, refused to take orders. They just turned away from each other, twisted and twirled.

Doctors, specialist, physicians all were bewildered by my condition. My hopes were diminishing fast, so were my options.  

My fingers went silent....

When the spirit does not work with the hands, there is no art said da Vinci ones...how trues, I once thought. 

The indomitable spirit however recollected what Michelangelo voiced, "Man paints with its brain and not with his hands"

Struggle inside was then over. Peace prevailed. I took to canvas, this time aided by my toes and feet. 

The colours have remigrated to my life!

-----By MocktailMommy Anagha
Word Count: 155

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  1. Hi Anagha! Wow! This is an inspiring tale. I´m sure it will bring hope to many. Loved quotes...the spirit of the protagonist...and story brought to mind, Nick Vujicic. Keep writing! Will be coming back for more such great reads! Cheers!

    1. Thanks Tina for reminding us of Nick Vujicic! Do we not need more and more people with his spirit towards life? Team MocktailMommies salutes all those who fight odds and stand tall on their feet!
      Glad that you loved the take on the tale. Thanks for visiting!

    2. Absolutely, Anagha! We need more and more people with this spirit towards life...including those with disabilities like Nick Vujicic and creative writers like you who bring to focus and highlight this spirit through their writings. :) My pleasure..I will be coming back for more. Love and Cheers!

    3. Tina... than k you so much for your revisit! It was a pleasure to have a dialogue with you on the topic. It really has enriched my experience! Thanks once again!

  2. Wonderful story! He overcame his adversity by using his feet!

    1. A challenge always has an intrinsic solution. One needs to find it and make it come from heart. The results then are astonishingly positive and different. Life is all about being positive!
      Thanks for visiting and sharing your views.

  3. A very uplifting tale, Anagha. I remember an artist called Swapna from Kerala who despite was born without arms is a very talented artist. Also I contribute to the Indian Mouth and Foot Painting Artists by buying gift envelopes, stationary and greeting cards from them. They support a lot of artists with disabilities. As someone said, disability is just a state of mind. Cheers, Varad.

  4. Varadharajan, Team MocktailMommies salutes your yeomen service! Thank you for introducing Indian Mouth and Foot Painting Artist association. WE are highly indebted.
    As for the tale, I drew inspiration from a leper who had lost her hands to the disease. I was once gifted with a Lord Ganesha greeting card made by her. She uses her feet to make the greeting cards using threads and needles! I was moved beyond the words.
    Thank you once again for visiting and sharing your views.

  5. A wonderful tale of triumph over adversity. A brilliant piece Anagha.

    Click to visit Keith's Ramblings

    1. Thank you Keith for visiting and for encouraging! Your appreciation mean a lot to a budding writer like me!